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The Cascading Chora of Serifos

The Chora of Serifos is the island’s main town. The whitewashed village cascades down a rocky island peak, making it a unique place in Greece to explore.

Chora of Serifos

The Chora of Serifos is divided into two parts. Kato Chora is the lower part of the village. Pano Chora  is the upper part of the town.

View of the Chora.
View of the Chora.

Where to Go in the Chora of Serifos

Kato Chora

Recently, a nice traditional ceramics shop and studio called Kerameio opened up here. There’s an excellent pasta restaurant called Tachidromeio.  During the summer, a cinema schedules kids movies and more.  Other cafes have scenic views that stretch out to the harbor and surrounding sea and mountains. There’s a also the little Folklore Museum of Serifos that is worth peeping into.

If you are in Serifos in the summer be sure to catch the Serifos Festival. Many performances are scheduled at the darling open-air amphitheater in Kato Chora. The tickets are very affordable and many of the events are really great.  Here’s a video of a traditional Greek music concert that I loved!

Pano Chora

Go shopping at some of the little boutique shops.  I recommend Thirida in Pano Piatsa, the main square.  They have a nice selection of local art, handmade jewelry, clothes and little gifts that are very Greek!

My favorite restaurant in Pano Chora is Marathoriza for traditional Greek food.  Also try Stratos and Pano Piatsa Cafe, both in Pano Piatsa where town hall is located, for a coffee, drink or snack during the daytime. Pano Piatsa Cafe serves the best traditional chocolate Serifian pie and the best milopita which is a delicious Greek apple cake. Always homemade.

Visit the traditional Serifian windmills here, typical of the Cycladic island architecture. One was even converted into a home.

Windmills of Serifos island.

From Pano Chora you can hike the monopati which is the old mining trail. A century ago, locals living in the Chora would take this rocky trail to work in the mines on the other side of the hills.  If you take the hike, you’ll be afforded with exquisite panoramic views of the Chora and of the island. You can read more about the trail here.

View of the Chora of Serifos from the monopati old mining trail.
View of the Chora of Serifos from the monopati old mining trail.

Pano Chora is a great option for restaurants and nightlife.

The action starts around 10:30 p.m. in Greece! Around that time, take the flights of whitewashed steps leading up to Pano Piatsa. It is always buzzing with summer energy in July and August.  It can get so packed, it may even be difficult to find a seat.

If you do find a seat, it’s the perfect place to experience a calm Greek island nightlife scene.  Order some local honey rakomelo spirit and good mezes (Greek appetizers) at any of the cafe bars. There will be little Greek kids running around and playing on the steps of the whitewashed church or the neoclassical town hall building (yes, even at 11 p.m. at night).  Pano Piatsa is a super people watching spot.  It’s simply a really nice, relaxing spot to chill.

A bit away from Pano Piatsa, in the maze of whitewashed streets you can find charming little atmospheric bars like Aerino. Aerino is known for its fantastic rooftop terrace, just make sure it’s not windy!  Vatrachos  is a fun dance club and bar in Milon Square, behind the windmills.

More Tips: Chora of Serifos

From either Pano Chora or Kato Chora you can walk up many whitewashed steps to reach the ruins of the Venetian castle of Serifos which was been built to protect the island community from invaders around 1434.  You get a reward for your efforts! Gorgeous views of the island and harbor. Check out my earlier post the Venetian Castle of Serifos to learn more.

The Chora of Serifos, much like the island, is a relaxing low-key place. Get lost in the little streets.  Trek up the whitewashed stone steps and chat with the locals that live there.  Eat a traditional meal. Drink a strong Greek coffee at a scenic cafe bar. That’s what there is to do in the cascading Chora of Serifos.

How to Get to the Chora of Serifos

You can drive from Livadi harbor or take a bus to the Chora of Serifos. Be warned that during the busy summer season, parking options are limited. The Greeks usually just get creative about parking and you can find cars parked anywhere along the skinny curvy road that leads to Chora. That makes the driving situation quite “tight.” There aren’t many parking spaces anyway.  If you rent a scooter or motorcycle, that would be more ideal for parking.  Scooter parking rules are kind of non-existent and you can pretty much squeeze it anywhere.

How to Get to Serifos

To get to the Greek islands, many international travelers arrive by air, usually with a change in Athens or another major city.  There are some direct seasonal flights to certain island destinations too.  You can find the best flight deals with Vayama.

The only way to travel to Serifos is by ferry or private boat/yacht from the port of Piraeus in Athens. The island does not have an airport.

The frequency of ferries depends on the season. Ferries leave from the port of Piraeus in Athens.  The trip lasts anywhere from 2.5 to 5.5 hours, depending on if you book a seat on a fast or slow ferry. For updated ferry schedules check www.openseas.gr.  I usually take the SpeedRunner which is about a 2.5 hour journey (45-50 Euro each way).

There are regular connections to the other west Cyclades, including Milos, Kythnos and Sifnos.

Where to Stay in Serifos

Boutique: Rizes Hotel is a four-star hotel with a beautiful pool, individual plunge pools, a great view, excellent buffet breakfast and a beautiful view to the Chora and the Aegean Sea. From €100 a night, depending on the season.  Coco-Mat, the luxury Greek brand, also has a small boutique hotel right on Vagia beach.

Mid-Range: The Livadi is ideal for a convenient stay, especially for those without a car. You’d be within walking distance to everything: beaches, eateries, nightlife and the ferries. For an atmospheric apartment stay with lovely amenities, I recommend Indigo. From €80 a night, depending on the season.

Basic: For a basic clean rooms, no frills, I recommend Ms. Lambrini’s Cavo d’Oro (+30 2281 051160). From €50 a night, depending on the season.

Where to Eat on Serifos

For a rundown of the eateries in Serifos, check out my post the Best Restaurants in Serifos.

What to Do on Serifos

Serifos is a nature lovers dream.  There are many beautiful beaches, hiking trails and a fantastic main town to explore.  I have tons of posts about everything Serifos on this blog.


Where to Eat in Serifos

For a rundown of the eateries in Serifos, check out my post the Best Restaurants in Serifos.

What to Do in Serifos

Serifos is a nature lovers dream.  There are many beautiful beaches and hiking trails. I frequent this island the most so I have tons of posts about everything Serifos on this blog!

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