What can I say about Naxos except how much I adore the island and its people. Naxos stole my heart and I will forever love to return to this destination.

They say ancient Greeks revered this island due to the fantastic energy it exudes. So if you really love it, like me, you really do.

Naxos is home to amazing beaches, fantastic local organic food, amazingly beautiful villages, super friendly locals and a beautiful main town you’ll love to get “lost” in. One of my favorite archaeological sights in Greece is the Portara, a huge ancient marbled door frame “to nowhere.” It is a relaxing and rejuvenating place to be at sunset.


How to Get to Naxos
International travelers fly into Athens first, then connect to Naxos via ferry or a short flight. Check out the best international flight deals on Vayama.

Aegean and Olympic Air fly to Naxos from Athens International Airport.  The travel time is one hour.

Naxos is easily reached via ferry from the Athens port of Piraeus. I highly recommend booking with Blue Star Ferries.

You can also reach Naxos from many of the neighboring Cycladic islands including Mykonos, Paros and Tinos. It is a fantastic island to “island hop” to and from.

During the summer season, there are more ferries and flights scheduled.

Where to Stay in Naxos

I can recommend the following mid-range accommodation options in Naxos Town.

Chateau Zevgoli for its traditional setting and atmospheric location tucked in the heart of Naxos Town’s castle walls.

The Apollon Hotel is within walking distance of the harbor and the Naxos Town.

I can recommend the following mid-range beach hotels:

Medusa Beach Resort is at the very end of Plaka beach. It’s a beautiful, efficient and “hidden” beach resort run by a local family. Service is hospitable and excellent.

Santana Beach Resort is part of the Santana Bar and Restaurant. Stylish, contemporary suites with beautiful balconies and right on Agia Anna beach. Lovely family runs this gem as well.

Galaxy Hotel is a 10-minute walk south of Naxos Town and steps away from St. George beach and its’ little beach town.


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Best Restaurants: Where to Eat on Naxos

Wondering where to eat on Naxos? The best restaurants have a tables waiting right on a beach, by the seaside, along the quaint harbor and down the charming streets of the island’s historic old town.

Hiking on Naxos: Seven Villages Trail

While hiking on Naxos, you’ll traverse marbled paths, gorgeous hills and fragrant olive groves while admiring ancient sites tucked between quaint little villages. Here, nature is the show and Stella knows where every trail leads.

Enchanting Chalki Village

Chalki village in Naxos is one of my favorite island villages in Greece so far.  I visited for one afternoon and left impressed by its beauty, the kindness of the residents and the great stories behind the small businesses that make up the charming historic town.

Popi’s Grill: A Traditional Naxos Restaurant

Popi’s Grill, a traditional Naxos restaurant is the oldest family tavern on the island.  I loved the setting of the restaurant, the delicious Greek specialties and the wonderful family that runs it with love and care.

The Portara of Naxos

The Portara of Naxos is a fantastic landmark, a colossal 2,500-year-old marble doorway that leads to nowhere.