Travel Greece, Travel Europe is a travel blog dedicated to providing readers and travel enthusiasts, with carefully curated travel experiences in Greece and around Europe.

Each travel entry that appears on Travel Greece, Travel Europe, tells a travel story that is tried and tested by our team of hospitality experts & dedicated travellers, who have countless travel tales to share.

The initial travel blog was started by Marissa Tejada, an award winning travel journalist and published author. As Marissa’s life plans changed several years ago and she did not want all these wonderful stories to be forgotten, she asked her friend and fellow travel blogger Elena Sergeeva to take over the blog. 

Today, Travel Greece, Travel Europe is published by Elena, an ardent traveller and hospitality professional with an extensive travelling experience and valuable insight when it comes to reviewing and evaluating destinations and hospitality services.

Constantly in search of new untravelled paths, Travel Greece, Travel Europe has a vested interest and strong desire to reveal places that are off the beaten track. Similarly, we seek to provide personal opinions regarding popular destinations, often offering an entirely different vantage point of a place that although having received a lot of attention, still has things to see & do that remain unexplored by the crowds.

Our team provides unique content for destination marketing, where each story is one that has been experienced by an expert travel writer. All the information provided reflects personal views of our team, and any recommendation is a reliable one.

photo of Elena Sergeeva

About Elena

Elena Sergeeva was born in Russia and raised in Athens. Travel was in her DNA since an early age. She holds a Swiss Diploma in Hotel Management and a Master’s Degree in International Hospitality and Tourism Leadership.

She is also a health tourism Protégée and has been invited as a keynote speaker at Health Tourism Conferences in Athens, Dubai and Jordan to address the role of storytelling in health tourism destinations.

Elena publishes several travel blogs (Passion for HospitalityPassion for DubaiSpa Wellness Destinations), manages a boutique blogging agency that assists clients with storytelling, digital marketing and travel planning & consulting. In her spare time she enjoys reading books on leadership, autobiographies and self-motivation.