What to See in Edessa Greece

The much-anticipated chance to unwind and recharge is what attracts people to Edessa. Known as the City of Water, Edessa is found near to the large city of Thessaloniki, in central Macedonia.  It is a city in northern Greece and the capital of the Pella area.

The weather in Edessa will also dictate when you visit, with the warmest months being June, July and August. The coolest month is January and November is the wettest month. 

What to See in Edessa Greece

You Won’t be Fighting your Way Through Hordes of People

Perhaps what attracts so many visitors to Edessa is that the town, in the region of Macedonia, is unaffected so far by mass tourism – a drawcard for those wanting to avoid the crowded, more commercialized areas. 

Also if you’re a serious party animal, you’ll discover that Edessa doesn’t have the  liveliest parties and nightlife but there are a number of bars around that can get quite busy. You can always check out with the locals for ideas of where to party. The Noiz and The Jam for instance, are a couple of names likely to come up. They offer some good, lively music.   

Edessa is situated on a steep plateau, it was first known by its Slavic name, Voden which also means ‘City of Water’. Some of the water mills have been restored and there is also a freshwater aquarium.


The open-air Water Museum opened early in 2000 and helps locals and visitors understand the history of water-power. In one of the flour-mills, there is also the aquarium with fish from Lake Agra-Niss, the only aquarium in Greece with fresh-water fish.

People who know and love Edessa say that all the streams that you find all over the town are similar to what you find in Amsterdam. In Edessa, the Ottoman bridge over one of the rivers is a leftover trace of Ottoman presence in the town. There are actually very few remains from Edessa’s long and colorful history still visible today. There are however, two columns of about 60 feet high which stand on the city’s citadel. 

Amazing, Spectacular Waterfalls

It is fascinating to know that centuries ago, there were no waterfalls in Edessa, except a lake. The lake overflowed and this resulted in many rivers and waterfalls being formed. The abundant water was used to power mills, turning Edessa into an industrial center. 

Edessa Greece

Just a short distance from Edessa is Lake Agra – a lake artificially created during the 50s and which developed into an area with ecological interest. The lake is home to many bird species and the actual area is known for its agricultural landscapes where apples and cherries are grown.

Today it’s the 70m Karonos Waterfall which is the main attraction and to enhance the experience at looking at the falls, the town council has installed beautiful lights with benches and pathways.

 People who know the waterfalls will tell you that the best time to visit them is in the early morning as the sun catches the falls, forming a host of colors and patterns with the cascading water. 

On the eastern side of town, the Waterfalls Park has many mini waterfalls, plants, footbridges as well as concrete pools, and you’ll find steps leading down to the Karanos- and Diplos Falls.  There are a number of viewing points too which allow you to get really up and close to the falls and experience the thunderous roar. 

Where to Stay

Whatever time of the year you decide to visit Edessa, you’ll find excellent accommodation close to the attractions you regard as most important. 

Hotel Varosi 4 Seasons

The Hotel Varosi 4 Seasons is located on the edge of the cliff of Edessa and you can walk to the city center as well as the waterfalls. The air-conditioned hotel with its luxurious  rooms also offers you splendid views of the Edessa citadel. The rooms are decorated with traditional architecture- and  décor such as hand-knitted curtains.

Guesthouse Hagiati

Just 50 meters from the famous Edessa Waterfalls is the stylish Guesthouse Hagiati, beautifully situated in the preserved area of Varosi. It has attractive, traditional features such as a stone-paved courtyard, rustic rooms, handmade beaded curtains and a lovely garden where you can enjoy your coffee or a meal.  Their front desk operates 24 hours a day and they will offer useful advice on places of interest to visit and day trips.  

Edessa Day Trips and what to See

Known for its beautiful rivers, the possibilities for extraordinary choices and exciting experiences are endless, and as a tourist, you’re going to have many brilliant times to inspire friends and family back home. For many of us, living the dream means travel, and for inspiration, Edessa won’t disappoint, particularly for those who love nature. 

Summer is always a good time for day trips, and what to see in Edessa Greece can be covered in a day trip which offers lots of benefits. Day trips are awesome for when you’re spending a weekend in a town like Edessa and you get the chance to try out new foods and experiences.

The Road to Thessaloniki

What to see in Edessa Greece is enthralling, especially when you cast your sights just a little further afield.  Being just 87km away from Thessaloniki is a bonus because Thessaloniki with its airport, has so much to offer tourists. 

Statue of Alexander the Great in Thessaloniki

There are several trains that leave for Thessaloniki each day as well as buses leaving every hour. If you go by train, there is a particular train ride that travels along the shore of Lake Vegoritida which is particularly picturesque. Just the waterfront alone provides you with awesome entertainment as you can walk for 5km along the promenade. 

Visit a Cherry Farm

What to See in Edessa Greece on a  day trip isn’t set in stone and you could visit a historical site, visit the beach, visit an olive-, wine- or cherry farm, attend an interesting Greek cooking course or visit a museum – the ideas are endless.  

Many visitors to Edessa for instance, plan their visit to coincide with the Gastronomic Fair of Edessa from May 17-19. You’ll find lots of local products – olive oil, honey, wines as well as the Edessa-Vodena cherries which are of the best cherries in the world. It is as well that Edessa has so much water as the cherry orchards need the water. It is why June remains a good month to visit Edessa as there are cherry stands along the roads selling big, juicy cherries. 

It can also be wonderful visiting cherry farms tasting the flavors and getting to find out something of the small red fruit and  how they are used in syrups and jams making use of ancient family recipes.

The Best Snow for Skiing

With a little bit of imagination, even a short day trip can leave you with lasting memories and a visit to  Mt Voras Kaimaktsalan, a ski resort in Greece is guaranteed to be unforgettable.  Whether you want to be part of a ski tour or you’re a snowboarder just wanting to have fun in the snow, spend some time at this medium-sized ski resort. It is the highest altitude ski resort in Greece with an elevation of 2 480 meters. 

 On a good-weather-day it guarantees splendid views.  It’s got lots of terrain with 11 miles of cross country ski trails. It also has 7 ski lifts.

There is  a village – Palaios Agiou Athanasiou – to explore and if you want, the mountaineering club of the area will organize super mountain trails. There are also excellent guesthouses and luxury hotels as well as vibey taverns offering quality food and drink. 

Vergina Royal Tombs and Pella

Entrance to the Royal Tombs of Vergina

There are some visitors, when deciding what to see in Edessa Greece like to combine visits to the archaeological sites of Pella and the Royal Tombs of Vergina. It is believed that the ancient city of Pella was the capital of the Macedonian state, with the entire city being surrounded by stone walls. Pella is where Alexander the Great was born. 

You’ll discover the museum of Aigai, a World Heritage site. Thousands of years ago, Vergina was an elite royal center in ancient Macedonia and is an hour southwest of Thessaloniki.  The museum and tombs are immaculate and on entering the museum you see well-exhibited artifacts and architecture. 


The main attractions are the  monumental tombs together with grave- or tomb items. The names of the deceased are found on museum labels – King Philip II and Alexander IV,  who was Alexander the Great’s teenage son.

Pozar Baths 

Soaking in naturally heated water isn’t just a form of peaceful entertainment, it’s an ancient tradition. Relaxing in the warm waters during Summer or Winter can be  good for the mind and body. 

What a highlight of your trip it can be journeying to the natural hot springs of Pozar Thermal Baths which have a temperature of 37° Celsius. Relaxing in the warm therapeutic waters in attractive surrounds simply makes the  Pozar Thermal Baths near Edessa a super destination. They are open night and day, all year around. To add to the wellness trip, there are massage centers at the bath to provide an enhanced sensual experience for you, particularly if you went hiking and are looking for a soothing treatment for sore muscles. 

Naousa Park

Naoussa is a beautiful town of Macedonia with amazing mountain views and visited by thousands of tourists each year. Lying 90 km from Thessaloniki, not only does the city have an illustrious past, the park is also something that should be experienced, what with its impressive waterfalls, its, hidden coves, beaches and walking. 

Situated in the foothills of the Vermio Mountains, Naoussa is bursting with incredible things to see and do. You can take a bus from Edessa and be in  Naoussa in about 2 hours if you go via Véroia.

 What to see in Edessa Greece will be dependent on the experience you want, but the town offers so much more than just a holiday. 

You’ll find an excellent number of bars and taverns to choose from, serving dishes with local recipes. There are great opportunities for shopping as well as boats that leave the port of Naoussa for beaches lying in the bay of which Monastiri is one.


Getaways are far more enjoyable when you break for lunch, and the Tesseris Epoxes in Greek is a super, vibrant beachfront taverna sporting delicious local Greek specialties.

For lunch you can expect a great selection of food from grilled lamb, chicken, fried calamari to mezzes and salads. People who have been to this Greek taverna love the wholesome food,  excellent drinks selection and  reasonable prices.

3 – 5 Pigadia Ski Resort

If you don’t want to ski in Naoussa there is still lots to do. Even if you’re part of a ski-tour at 3-5 Pigadia, there are luxury hotels for when you aren’t skiing and these offer heated swimming pools, gyms, saunas as well as other facilities like restaurants and bars. Most people want to join in the festivities of ski life at the small ski resort with 5 ski lifts. 

Apart from the breathtaking scenery, the ski resort offers 15 miles of cross country ski trails. It is one of the most modern ski centers in Greece with ski runs of different difficulties. 


The 21st century is turning out to be one where we work all week rushing to make deadlines. If you’re in need of beauty and relaxation, why not get back to nature and see what Edessa has up its sleeve for you? Many of the activities are outdoor-related and the pleasant weather means that swimming, hiking, horse-riding and walking are especially popular. It’s got many amazing experiences to be had and you are guaranteed to have a fantastic time. 

 What to see in Edessa Greece will always include the waterfalls. While it is still a fairly busy tourist destination, the many waterfalls  offer a calming and exhilarating experience. It’s time to head to Edessa now though before your favorite getaway also becomes everyone else’s  favorite 



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