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The Amazing Villas in Crete

The Amazing Villas in Crete represent the beauty of the island. It starts with the view…

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Where to Stay in Crete: Amazing Villas in Crete

Trying to figure out where to stay in Crete? You’ll have a lot of choices. Crete is a huge island, there are many places to stay and many types of villas to consider.  Friends highly recommended the Amazing Villas in Crete to me. Hmmm, I thought… Would it live up to its name?



More on that.

What this property represents is what you want to experience from Crete. If you want your holiday to give you a taste of Cretan culture and take advantage of the region’s beautiful natural landscapes — read on.


Location: Asteri Village

Asteri village is just outside of Rethymnon, a fifteen-minute drive from town.  It’s a quiet place with a few traffic-free streets, a fantastic traditional tavern and a folklore museum. The Amazing Villas in Crete is part of the whole village atmosphere. The properties are run by the Skordilis family. Argiris was our host and his mother, Kyria (Mrs.) Maria was just lovely. She boasted to us how her son crafted the   fantastic woodwork furniture featured throughout the houses – an authentic local touch.

Also, Kyria Maria was proud to show off donations, including photos and vintage items, she made to the local folklore museum down the street. The family is also related to the family that runs the Spiti Tou Poliou, a destination for authentic Cretan dishes. The airy tavern is attached to the museum, just a two-minute walk from the villas.


Myrrini Villa: Amazing Villas in Crete

Built in traditional style, the Myrrini Villa is easily defined as a beautiful Cretan home.  The vaulted ceilings created an open space, one that was cozy and hospitable.  The living room, dining and kitchen spaces were connected.  The kitchen was fully stocked with every appliance you might need to cook a meal. Besides some Cretan pastries laid out for us, the fresh flowers were a great welcoming touch.


The outdoor shared balcony was one of the highlights of the property. It featured cozy seating and a full dining table to enjoy meals. I loved the panoramic views of the region of Rethymnon including the mountains and the sea.

Fruit trees dotted the grassy landscape. The air — fresh.  Below the balcony, a large private pool provided amble sunbathing and lounging spaces. Unfortunately, it was still too cold to swim while we were there.


The Rooms at Amazing Villas in Crete

The Myrrini Villa featured three rooms, a master bedroom with its own bath and two bedrooms each with two beds. We had the two girls with us, so they enjoyed having their own rooms for once.

Our master bedroom also had its own little sun porch which was framed by a stone wall and lots of green plants. Stefanos had some quiet time reading out there.



More About the Amazing Villas in Crete

The entire property consists of four villas named Citrus, Asteri, Argiris and where I stayed Myrrini — each with its own pool. The villas are perched on a hillside so they are appropriately spaced from each other to allow for privacy.  There are also shady garden areas, and Kyria Maria even raises some bunnies and chickens nearby.  The children adored that.


Conclusion: Where to Stay in Crete

I found it to be the perfect place for families and could easily return with just Stefanos. Also, I could envision it to be a place to rent out with my girlfriends for a getaway. Better yet, I could picture my whole big gang of family members from the States renting them all out for a family reunion or special event.

The privacy of the villa is another plus point. Having a large pool all to yourself is always great while you’re vacationing in Greece.


What makes this villa stand apart is the cozy atmosphere. You are surrounded by what Crete prides itself on – the land! You can’t help but relax and rejuvenate.


Another big plus for me is the proximity to Rethymnon which is a wonderful historic city full of things to do. So, if you make it out of the luxurious comfort of your villa you can see a bit of urban Crete and love it too – then go back to your amazing villa.

So, does it live up to its name? I highly recommend it and you should decide for yourself.

Amazing Villas in Crete
Asteri, Rethymnon 741 00
+30 6980855085

Starting from €160+ per night low season; Starting from €250+ per night high season
Three-night minimum stay.
Offers and discounts available.
Each villa can accommodate 6 to 8 people.

How to Get to Crete

By Air

International travelers arrive by air, usually with a change in Athens. You can find the best flight deals with Travelocity.There are more than a dozen daily flights from Athens to the Heraklion International Airport.

By Ferry

Ferries connect between Heraklion port in Crete to Piraeus port in Athens. Travel time by ferry is about 9 to 10 hours, and the journey is typically an overnight trip. For more on this journey,check out my earlier post: Overnight Ferry to Crete with Minoan Lines.

Getting Around Crete

The easiest way to get from point A to point B on the island is by driving. An international car rental company I can highly recommend is Avis Europe.

A local company I can also recommend is Rental Center Crete.

What to Do in Crete

For a rundown of what I experienced the first time around during my visit to Crete, check out my post: 10 Things I Learned in Crete in 7 Days

Some of the best beaches in Greece are in Crete, check out: Photo Tour: Beaches of Crete to get inspired.

Have you ever stayed at a villa in Greece?


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