The Beauty of Trapezaki Beach on Kefalonia

During a September afternoon that couldn’t decide on rain or sunshine, I found myself at Trapezaki Beach on Kefalonia. 

Trapezaki Beach in Kefalonia

In Greek, trapezaki means little table.

I loved the colors that day.  The mix of maize sand and the light green-blues of the sea created a picturesque environment, even as the rain drizzled down and scared off the sun for a while.

There was an excellent Greek taverna just steps from the beach.  It featured a wide veranda overlooking the sea called Denis Tavern.  Stef’s nonna (godmother) loves this place and she has been a regular for decades.

We devoured delicious  Kefalonian specialties including a baked cod savory pie called bakalaopita and meat savory pie called kreotopita.

taverna on trapezaki beach

Denis Taverna, Trapezaki Beach.

It was a great way to spend a semi-rainy day on a Greek island.


Have you ever been to Trapezaki Beach or any of the beaches in Kefalonia?

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    first i would like to say such great coverage of Trapezaki beaches
    keep going
    have a great day


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      Marissa Tejada

      Hi Rajesh, Thanks for the comment. Trapezaki is a nice beach indeed.


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