Top Things to do in Ermioni Greece

Ermioni is a picturesque small port town located in the northeast part of the Peloponnese. The history behind this small town dates back to 3000BC, with historical traces of its first inhabitants. Ermioni was a town at the southern extremity of Argolis, in the wider use of this term, but gained independence during the Classical period of Greek history. Ermioni is mentioned in Homers’ work, including epos (Greek word for epic poem) Iliad and its participation in the Trojan War.

Due to its essential location and to the products that its lands produced, Ermioni was a desirable destination and encountered several conquests by other bigger towns and districts. Significant factors that led this small town to become so outstanding were agriculture, fishing, shipbuilding skills and knowledge its habitants possessed, and the wealth on the shores of an important shell, porphyria, which produced red dye. This dye was used for the coloring of the uniforms of Alexander the Great army. 

Throughout the decades, Ermioni has been built and rebuilt but the beauty of the landscape has never faded through the years and the changes. Surrounded by lush greenery and crystal clear waters Ermioni is characterized as a city-island, as its scenery and setting resemble an island. This small town has become a very popular attraction for tourists who appreciate more relaxed holidays away from the noisy crowds and overpriced resorts. 

Coastal town of Porto Heli, Peloponnese

The location is ideal for those wanting to explore the region further. The beautiful small Saronic island of Hydra, Spetses and Poros are just a boat ride away. Porto Heli, which is a well-known small town for its luxurious resorts, as recently opened Nikki Beach, is also either a boat ride or a 15-minute drive away.

Getting to Ermioni From Athens

Ermioni is situated in the southeastern part of Argolis, 170km from Athens. There are two ways of getting there from Athens which is either by car or by ferry. 

Car: Getting to Ermioni by car takes around 2 and a half hours. The journey itself is worth it. To get from Athens to the region of Peloponnese you need to cross the Isthmus Corinth narrow land bridge which connects the Peloponnese peninsula with the rest of the mainland of Greece. It is a beautiful sight to stop and take some pictures. From that point,  the road gets a bit “curvy” until reaching the final destination, Ermioni. The scenery and views however make the car journey worthwhile. The journey takes you through forests, small villages, monasteries, hills facing the Aegean sea and its many small islands. 

You can either rent a car and drive yourself or you can arrange private transportation to drive you there, which is worth it especially for larger groups. 

Ferry: Ermioni is connected by ferry boats from the port of Piraeus. The operating ferry company is Hellenic Seaways and tickets can be issued either online, which is suggested for high seasons, or at one of the various travel agency kiosks lined in the port. The journey takes three hours, depending on the weather. There are a few stops along the way, on Poros and Hydra islands before reaching Ermioni, allowing you to get a quick glimpse of these beautiful islands and decide if you want to return and pay a separate visit.


Where to Stay in Ermioni 

Being a small town-village, Ermioni does not have big hotels. If you wish to stay inside the village you may opt to stay at a guesthouse or an apartment. Some provide breakfast, while others feature private terraces and access to the beach within a minute. However, if you would rather prefer to be pampered while relaxing by the pool Ermioni also ticks these boxes. 

In the area around Ermioni, known as Ermionida, there are 5-star resorts that are popular amongst international glamorous visitors as the place combines natural beauty and a cosmopolitan ambiance. This is also an area where Greece’s famous millionaires and billionaires have chosen to build their summer mansions. During high seasons, sailing and luxury yachts also dock in Ermioni’s marina. 

We have listed 10 of our favorite places to stay in Ermioni and Ermionida region depending on your preferences and/or budget.

Mourayio Bed and Breakfast

This small and cute boutique hotel is located in the lively Mandrakia neighborhood of Ermioni. The views from this hotel are breathtaking and it is just 10 steps away from the dock where a few cafeterias, bars and restaurants are located. Delicious daily breakfast consists of traditional pies, fresh fruits, local yogurt and honey. For rates and availability click here


Bisti, Philoxenia and Psychogios Studios

These three hotels, lined next to each other, facing Ermioni’s port, provide rooms and studios to its guests. Just a few steps from the sea, these hotels are ideal for those long-stay holidays where you still want to feel the comfort of a home, while enjoying privacy and tranquility. They are perfect for families, as some studios accommodate up to 5 people. All rooms have private verandas with a view. Most rooms consist of fully equipped kitchens and room service is included. Prices are reasonable and discounts can be made depending on the length of stay.

Check rates and availability for Philoxenia Pension here.


Dardiza Boutique Hotel 

Featuring 5 modern and luxurious rooms, this small but unique boutique hotel is located just a few minutes’ drive from Ermioni. All suites have private verandas facing the beautiful Dardiza gulf. Relax with your loved ones, after enjoying a delicious breakfast, in the sunbeds and swings surrounding the large swimming pool. The hotel is naturally fenced by the greenery and the beach, which guests have direct access to. The property is ideal for a large group and families, as it can be booked entirely. The hotel is equipped with bicycles, kayaks and paddle boardings for those seeking an adventure. Check rates and availability. 

Barcelo Hydra Beach Resort

This 5* resort resembles a Greek paradise. Designed in a modern style, the goal of the architects of this complex was to conserve the most authentic essence of Greece, which is the rich greenery and the sandy and crystal clear water beaches, along with exceptional hospitality. The resort offers several types of accommodation for your holiday, to fit everyone’s necessities and preferences. You can choose from superior and deluxe rooms to suites and entire private bungalows. All guests have all-inclusive programs, which means access to the spa, tennis and beach volley court,  intercontinental breakfast, beach towel service and mini club for the little ones. One of the main attractions of Barcelo Hydra Beach is the direct access to three beautiful beaches, all lined up with comfortable sun loungers and the infinity pool of saltwater with views of the Aegean water and the island of Hydra. For availability and rates click here.


AKS Hinitsa Bay

Nestled in the rich greenery of the area at the tip of Hinitsa peninsula, this resort is the perfect escape for relaxation. Soak under the sun on the private beach with shallow and clean waters and sip on a fruity refreshing cocktail by the pool bar dawdling on the beautiful views of Spetses island. This hotel is beloved by families as the kids club for the children will keep them entertained while adults can enjoy some relaxation time. The majestic island of Spetses is just a 15-minute ride in a sea taxi that will pick you up from the hotel’s private dock any hour of the day. For availability and rates click here


AKS Porto Heli 

AKS Porto Heli offers the same high-quality service of its sister resort AKS Hinitsa Bay, but in a more busy location. Located in the picturesque town of Porto Heli, the hotel attracts every summer hundreds of guests seeking comfort and relaxation. After its renovation is 2020 AKS Porto Heli has been freshly refurbished giving a more modern and minimalist aura to the hotel. A large swimming pool and a private beach organized with sunbeds face the bay of Porto Heli, immersed in the blue waters and the harbor that embraces little fisherman boats and yachts of all sizes. The resort owns the Porto Heli Conference Center accommodating up to 800 delegates. The center is fully equipped, perfect for exhibitions and conferences, underground private parking and special-trained staff. For availability and rates click here


Nikki Beach 

As with all Nikki Beach resorts around the world, this luxury beach club concept resort combines the elements of music, dining, entertainment, fashion, film and art all into one destination. The resort’s charm is the infinity-edge pool offering views of the Argolic Gulf and magnificent sunset afternoons. Plush sunbeds line the pool deck, complemented by loungers placed strategically in the pool and a swim-up bar for cocktail time while you are soaking under the hot sun. The Nikki Spa provides a great choice of beauty treatments to choose from. Finish your night at the Terasu rooftop Japanese restaurant and lounge, which not only offers amazing food and cocktails but also stunning views. For availability and rates click here. For availability and rates click here.



Wellness retreats don’t get much more exclusive than this temple of relaxation and luxury named Amanzoe. The resort draws its name from the Sanskrit-derived word for ‘peace’ and zoe, the Greek word for “life”. Situated on a private hilltop close to the town of Porto Heli, the resort offers panoramic views of the Peloponnese coastline.  The Amanzoe design is strongly influenced by classical Greek architecture, yet is contemporary in attitude. Featuring a 5 star Spa & Wellness center, a private Beach Club, and an outdoor majestic pool this hotel is the synonym of perfection. Its proximity to Ermioni and the cosmopolitan islands of Spetses and Hydra, enhance the resort’s location.


Where to eat in Ermioni 

In Ermioni quality of food and variety of choice is guaranteed. People will travel from other towns and villages around to have dinner here. Small restaurants and taverns are scattered all around the shores of this city-island and are run by the owners and family members, which is a tradition well-kept in the Greek culture. Taverns get their supplies from local fishermen and farmers to ensure that all products are fresh and of great quality.

Tzieris Tavern 

First in the list as it is one of our top picks in Ermioni. The food, as well as the view of this restaurant, is simply exceptional. The most intriguing “decor” of the restaurant are the octopus hanging from an assortment, bragging about their specialty “the best-grilled octopus around”. During dinner time you can choose a table on one of the three different levels. We advise you to pick the last one where all you can hear is the light waves beating against the rocks and feed the little fish with chunks of bread- they go crazy on it.

Taverna Spirandreas

Situated in the port of the village, this tavern pleases all. Serving both meats, produced by local farmers and fresh seafood, this restaurant is a great choice. The menu offers an abundance of choices, which makes it hard to decide on what to eat. Our top pick is the “Makaronada tou Psarra” which is translated as the Pasta of the Fisherman, which as it makes total sense, is seafood spaghetti.


Guests of resorts are always recommended this place to eat fresh fish. The atmosphere is very pleasant, so is the breathtaking view, facing both the Mandraki dock and the Aegean sea. This restaurant specializes in seafood and fresh fish. The staff will also treat you with refreshing fruit at the end of your meal.


Owned and run by two local sisters, this restaurant is all about traditional Greek food. Every day there is a different dish of the day, which include traditional pies, Greek casseroles and stews. Their specialty are their mezedes, which are small cold or hot dishes served as appetizers.

Ganosis Restaurant 

This is the first restaurant to open in the region of Ermionida, dating back to 1918. Through the passing of generations, the establishment has developed from a traditional taverna to an elegant restaurant, the quality of food and service though has remained untouched. Try the wood-fired oven pizza and cheesy garlic bread, which is simply mouthwatering. The restaurant specializes in Mediterranean flavours with a touch of gourmet as well. A good and rich selection of wine is available to accompany your meal.

Souvlaki Bar  

As with every other place in Greece, there is always a Souvlaki restaurant around. For those souvlaki addicts, this place serves delicious souvlaki and the ambiance proves right that Souvlaki is more than just a Greek fast food and that a Souvlatzidiko can offer you a lot more.

Drougas Bakery 

Start your day with the most important meal of the day: Breakfast. Pop by the Drougas Bakery, there are two in the village, and grab some Greek pies filled with feta cheese, spinach, pumpkin, vanilla cream or anything else you like. Their specialty is the apple pie, which is guaranteed the best you will ever taste. Also a good place to pick some snacks and beverages to take to the beach.

Yacht Cafe

Yacht Cafe is located by the port area of the village and is a meeting point for young adults during nighttime for drinks. Throughout the day it serves bar food, such as club-sandwiches, chicken nuggets and other nibbles. Their sweet waffles are a delicious choice for those with a sweet tooth.

Beaches of Ermioni 

Ermioni and the area around is blessed with the most beautiful beaches, sandy and rocky, with crystal clear turquoise waters. Ermioni being a village built on a peninsula is surrounded by little shores accessible by stairs. There is a little shore every five steps, which means you can sit in a different spot every day.  

Yet the best beaches in Ermioni are found in Bisti. Bisti is a small pine-filled peninsula just on the edge of Ermioni. Besides its beautiful beaches, Bisti is also an archeological area of history and culture. Brilliant temples were built here and the ruins are an attraction of the area. At the edge of the peninsula are the remains of the temple of Poseidon,  its foundations extending up to the restored whitewashed mill fighters Mitseon. In all historical periods, the peninsula was protected by walls of which vestiges can be seen until today.

Godai Seascape

Located in Petrothalassa, which is the Greek word for rocky-beach, Godai is a beach bar just a few minutes’ drive from Ermioni. Relax in a sunbed or a swing, soaking under the sun, listening to music and enjoying a healthy smoothie during the day. Then during the afternoon taste something from the restaurant menu and accompany it with wine of your preference. The beach is very well and elegantly organized without this interfering with the natural beauty of the surroundings. The venue also hosts events such as weddings, baptisms or private parties.

Around the area

Ermioni is located in the heart of Argolida, a geographic area with a lot of important sights and popular destinations. Visit the cosmopolitan Saronic Islands of Hydra and Spetses, which are easily accessible by sea taxis or ferries by Ermioni’s port. 

The ancient city of Epidaurus, which is a UNESCO World Heritage, is located less than an hour’s drive from Ermioni. The ancient theater of Epidaurus is a must-see if you are visiting Greece for the first time.










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