Travel Greece, Travel Europe: Best of 2016

To close 2016, here’s a rundown of my best photos and posts featured in Travel Greece, Travel Europe. 

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Travel Greece, Travel Europe

I can’t believe 2017 is just around the corner! Looking back, it has been a really special year of travel throughout the continent. Here’s a list of the 2016 highlights featured in Travel Greece, Travel Europe.

Warsaw, Poland: Winter in the Capital of Poland

Warsaw is a fantastic up-and-coming European city break. I especially remember how Warsaw Old Town was simply a stunningly historic place to wander — even in the freezing temps!

I loved the Off-the-Beaten-Track tour with Adventure Warsaw, too.

For my posts so far check out my Travel Europe: Poland page.


Thermae Sylla Spa Hotel: Evia Island, Greece

This incredible five-star hotel boasts views like this.  The location features ancient natural thermal spas and wonderful spa facilities that make use of the healthful and healing thermal waters that Evia island is blessed with. Plus, our Travel Bloggers Greece group celebrated our one-year anniversary here together which made it even more memorable.

For more, check out my post:  Natural Thermal Baths: Thermae Sylla Spa

Pieria, Greece: Stunning Sea and Mountains

Northern Greece is rarely on my radar when compared to other parts of the country. This press trip to Pieria was a wonderful opportunity of discovery.

A beautiful mountain village in Pieria, northern Greece.
A beautiful mountain village in Pieria, northern Greece


Meteora, Greece: Natural Wonders

Central Greece called my name this year and it was to a place like no other destination: Meteora. Along with fellow members of Travel Bloggers Greece, I hiked the valleys, climbed monastery stairs and descended historic paths of this incredible corner of the world. Here miraculous landscapes of sky high monasteries were built on mysteriously formed limestone peaks.

For more, check out my post Sunset Meteora Tour.

Athens, Greece: Mythology Tour of Athens

I always loved Greek mythology.  Hearing the stories narrated by a knowledgeable guide with Alternative Athens – with the ancient sites in front of me – was one of the best touring experiences I have had in my adopted city.

If you love history and mythology too, check out: Greek Mythology Tour of Athens.


Lesbos Island, Greece:  A Unique and Special Greek Island

I learned early on in my trip that Lesbos is a very special island.  Exploring it with locals as a travel blogger/writer was eye opening. From its incredible beauty, amazing gastronomy, hospitable locals, excellent ouzo to its many stories, this North Aegean island ranks high for me.

This CNN articles sums up the situation there, one year after migrants landed on the island’s shores.

CNN International: Lessons in Lesbos: Can Tourism Survive the Migrant Crisis?

I’ll say it again: Lesbos is safe for travel. Go.

For inspiration, check out my posts on my Travel Greece: Lesbos page.


Crete, Greece: Why Everyone Loves Crete

It was a pleasure to find out first hand why Crete is one of Greece’s most loved destinations.

One of my top visited posts in Travel Greece, Travel Europe was 10 Things I learned in Crete in 10 Days.

Ms. Georgia handed me some of her (tasty!) oranges.
Ms. Georgia handed me some of her (tasty!) oranges.

Salamina Island, Greece: Turquoise Blue Seas

Not much had been written about Salamina, the closest island to the mainland.  So, I went to find out and report back here in Travel Greece, Travel Europe. Conclusion? Salamina has its own laid back island vibe. I was most impressed by the stunning turquoise blue seas.  A nice little non-touristy day trip and just a 15-minute ferry ride from Athens.

For the top things to do, check out my earlier post: Day Trip to Salamina: Closest Island to Athens.

Stockholm, Sweden: Summer Surprises

Combine a thrilling RIB boat ride across the Baltic sea, a rooftop hiking tour, a culinary tour in hispster Sodermalm district and you’ve got just a few highlights during my week long stay in Stockholm. I also loved  seeing this impressive and flourishing country in all its light made for a packed travel blogger itinerary!

Check out the Travel Europe: Sweden page for more.

Serifos Island, Greece: This Travel Writer’s Vacation

Every summer I’m back on Serifos and 2016 was no exception.  New posts this year included: Top 10 Things to Do on Serifos Island.

Spetses Island, Greece: An Elegant Stunning Destination

Experiencing the gastronomy and hospitality at one of the most elegant Greek island hotels, The Poseidonion Grand, was part of my unforgettable itinerary on Spetses island.

Biking to the beaches, taking in jaw dropping sea views and breathing in incredibly fresh pine scented air (on an almost car-free island) was priceless.

Poros Island, Greece: The Relaxing Beach Resort Scene

I had only been to Poros Town, the main town of Poros island, just a few times and never more than a few hours.  This time around I got to experience the beach resort side of life and was it stunning. The family-run New Aegli Hotel really met my expectations for a relaxed, laid-back holiday.

For more on this stay experience check out my post: New Aegli Beach Hotel on Poros: Sea View Beauty

You can also check out my review in the Telegraph Travel section: New Aegli Hotel.


Paris, France: The City of Light and Love

Third time’s a charm.  With more time to explore during my recent trip to Paris, I discovered so much more.  What a world of fine gastronomy, history, culture and diversity.

For some Paris inspiration, check out my Travel Europe: France page.

Mykonos Island, Greece: Quiet and Calm

I had never explored Mykonos in the fall. While some days were windy, it was still as beautiful as  ever and without the crazy crowds. Definitely enjoyed the refreshing jump into my own personal plunge pool  – complete with a view – at my Mykonian Ambassador suite.

For a full review, check out my Mykonian Ambassador Hotel write up for Telegraph Travel.

Nafpaktos: For the Explorer

I was so impressed by the world in Nafpaktos.  Along with fellow members from Travel Bloggers Greece, I hiked through dense forests, posed by waterfalls, sipped coffee with mountain views, “partied” in a fairytale forest setting with locals, picked chestnuts, rode horses, toured one of the largest castles in Greece and -yes- cheered at a military battle enactment right by the Venetian sea fortress.

You can say it was an action packed weekend! Nafpaktos is truly a year-round destination in Greece and a pleasure to write about and photograph for Travel Greece, Travel Europe.

Here’s my earlier post: Top 10 Things to Do in Nafpaktos.


London, England:  An Incredible City

I lived in London as a university student, so I looked forward to coming back after all of these years especially to see how things have changed.

It is just as great a city with so much buzz and excitement.

In town for the World Travel Market, I also had a chance to explore the East End with Food Tours of London, hop on the London Eye, enjoy the panoramic urban view by day from the Shard and by night at the Shard’s Ting Restaurant.  The most fashionable high tea in the world at the Berkeley had me cooing at my tiny and delicious runway inspired cakes.

For more London travel stories visit my Visit Europe: England page.

New York and Florida, USA: Home Sweet Home

I write this from my homeland where I am visiting for the holidays. Right now I am sitting by a beautiful swampy Florida lake where a few wild turkeys just trotted by.  After a year of travel – both for work and pleasure – it’s always necessary for me to just reflect and be grateful for every experience and opportunity all over again.

New York City’s Central Park


Travel Greece, Travel Europe: Thank You!

I want to thank you for following my travel blog. Sharing my love of travel across Greece and Europe is such a joy for me, as a writer.  I have gone through some changes on the blog, improvements here and there as it continues to grow.  Thanks for your patience. I also renamed it, as you may have noticed, changing it from My Greece, My Travels to Travel Greece, Travel Europe.

I look forward to seeing you again in 2017. I hope my posts inspire and help your travel planning.  If you are on Instagram, do follow me there. I love posting my best shots on it. As always, I welcome your feedback and comments.  If you haven’t already, do sign up for my weekly newsletter. It lists my new posts each week.

For anyone interested in working with me, do check my Work With Me page. I am always open to mutually beneficial collaboration.

This upcoming year will be my fifth year of writing this blog! I hope to organize a few travel-to-Greece-and-Europe related giveaways — exclusive to my lovely subscribers. I am really grateful you are along with me for the journeys ahead.

Happy New Year and all the best health, love, happiness and joy for you and yours.

Planning is in the works for 2017 to travel Greece and travel Europe. Is there a destination you’d like to hear more about? Feel free to scroll down and comment in the comment boxes below.




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  1. Happy New Year dear Marissa! So nice to read about your experiences this year, they look great!
    Such beautiful pictures… (I loved the ones in Crete the most 😉 )

    I am wishing you all the best for the year to come!
    Happy Holidays!

    1. Hi Gabi, Yes, the Crete photos are among the best I’ve ever taken to be honest. Thanks for your support and for stopping by. All the best for you and your beautiful family. I’ll see you in Crete 😉 Filakia!

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