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Best Beaches of Serifos

The best beaches of Serifos are pretty much as nature intended them to be. They are one of the best reasons to visit. Here’s a complete rundown of them categorized for every beach style.  

*Updated April 2017

Best Beaches of Serifos

Compared to some other Greek islands, Serifian beach landscapes remain pretty much untouched. So, if you’re looking for sun loungers, fancy cocktail drinks, concierge services and bass pumping beach parties — you won’t find them here.

The best beaches of Serifos are perfect for peace and quiet, ultra-clear seas, natural shade and picturesque rocky landscapes.

Here’s a handy rundown of the best beaches of Serifos with helpful tips.

Psili Ammos

Its name means fine sand and well, that is what you’ll find.  Take a look at the sea’s turquoise shades and you’ll understand why it is considered one of the best beaches in Europe.  The water isn’t deep right away making it a preferred beach for families.


  • There are two taverns right behind the beach that provide good old Greek food sustenance and cold refreshments.
  • The main road to this beach has potholes so watch out!


This beach is tucked in a hilly cove in the southern part of the island.  It is a rocky beach with lovely clear seas. It is one of the loveliest beaches to sit on during sunset.



  • There is a cantina that sells sandwiches, cold drinks and iced coffees. The cantina also rents out some umbrellas and chairs. There are about a dozen of those so don’t count on one if it is August.
  • Coco-Mat Eco-Residences are located right off the beach. There you’ll find a cute little restaurant-café. Try one of their delicious dishes or just have a drink with a view of the beach.


Just west of Vagia is a lovely beach called Ganema. It has a pebbly rocky side that somehow morphs naturally into a sandy side.  So, you can have the best of both worlds!

The water here is clear and refreshing.  It’s a wide and long stretch of beach for Serifos, so there are plenty of places to pop down your umbrella and enjoy the sea view up close.



  • For sustenance you can walk about 20-30 minutes up from the beach to the main road (or drive) and find the Ganema taverna.
  • There are no cantinas on the beach. There are no sun loungers for rent at this beach.

Agios Sostis

Agios Sostis is named after the beautiful whitewashed church that sits on one of its rocky slopes. It is a unique two-sided beach that is breathtaking to see as you approach.


One side of the beach is clearly more popular because the waters on that end are extremely calm and clear.  The beach is rocky and pebbly but the depth inside is sandy. There’s a dock next to the church that people love diving off of as well.



  • There is no cafe or taverna very close by. Bring your own food. There are some trees for shade.
  • The nearest cafe is at Rizes Hotel right off the main road. There is a beautiful view of the island to appreciate there.

Kalo Ambeli

Located in the southern part of the island, this beautiful little beach with ultra-turquoise water is tucked within the rocky folds of the craggy landscape.


There is no road to get right up to it. You’ll need to park a bit down from the main traffic road and follow an unmarked dirt path. It’s a 15-minute walk and, of course, a little longer to get back up.

It is a mixed sand and rock beach. As you swim out it is a pure sandy bottom. There are lots of neat rock formations to explore here too.



Tip: There are no amenities at Kalo Ambeli so come prepared with an umbrella or refreshments.

More Best Beaches of Serifos to Consider

Here’s a full rundown of beaches on Serifos island that might suit your beach style.

Best Beaches of Serifos for Quiet Time

These are the beaches that I go to for peace and quiet.

  • Malliadiko

  • Platys Gialos

  • Sikamia

  • Avessalos

Malliadiko is a palette of colors.
Malliadiko is a palette of colors.

Best Beaches of Serifos with Amenities

These beaches have a conveniently close eatery or cantina nearby. Sun loungers and umbrellas are available at these beach destinations as well.

  • Lividakia

  • Avlomonas

  • Vagia

Scenic Beach Tavernas

At these family run tavernas you can eat great Greek food by the beach!

  • Cyclops and Maraditsa on Mega Livadi

  • Nikolas on Platys Gialos

  • Taverna on Sikamia

Best Beaches of Serifos for Kids

These beaches have shallow water and amenities nearby like bathrooms and places to eat. Livadakia is great for the little ones because it has a no-frills cafeteria, water sports activities and a pool.

  • Psili Ammos

  • Livadakia

  • Avlomonas

Best Beaches of Serifos for Nudists

If you want to go nude, go here:

  • Lia

  • Vorios –

    *There’s a walking path from Platys Gialos to Vorios.

Best Beaches of Serifos that Require Trekking

To get to these beaches you need a good 4×4 or be prepared for to walk it. If you have a boat, that’s even better!

  • Kalo Ambeli

  • Avessalos

  • Skala

  • Malliadiko

Other Serifos Beach Tips

  • Wind  – The Cycladic island chain gets its share of meltemi winds in the summer, especially in August. When they hit they can be very strong and can unmake your beach day!  Depending on which way the wind is blowing you can choose your beach wisely to avoid the winds as much as possible. Usually Avlomonas beach is the safe bet beach for super windy days.
  • Shade – If you need shade, I highly suggest you bring an umbrella just in case its peak season and all the shady tree spaces are gone.
  • Water and Food  – Without beach cantinas at many of the locations it would be wise to pack cold water and food supplies.
  • Parking – At any of these locations you can park off the main road leading to the beaches and walk down. There are no fixed parking spaces for the beaches on the island.  At some beaches you can park closer to the sea, if your car can handle the drive down into some rocky paths.
  • More Beaches – Many of best beaches on Serifos can also be reached by boat, if you want to avoid long hikes in the sun.



How to Get to Serifos

To get to the Greek islands, many international travelers arrive by air, usually with a change in Athens or another major city.  There are some direct seasonal flights to certain island destinations too.  You can find the best flight deals with Vayama.

The only way to travel to Serifos is by ferry or private boat/yacht from the port of Piraeus in Athens. The island does not have an airport.

The frequency of ferries depends on the season. Ferries leave from the port of Piraeus in Athens.  The trip lasts anywhere from 2.5 to 5.5 hours, depending on if you book a seat on a fast or slow ferry. For updated ferry schedules check www.openseas.gr.  I usually take the SpeedRunner which is about a 2.5 hour journey (45-50 Euro each way).

There are regular connections to the other west Cyclades, including Milos, Kythnos and Sifnos.

Where to Stay in Serifos

Boutique: Rizes Hotel is a four-star hotel with a beautiful pool, individual plunge pools, a great view, excellent buffet breakfast and a beautiful view to the Chora and the Aegean Sea. From €100 a night, depending on the season.  Coco-Mat, the luxury Greek brand, also has a small boutique hotel right on Vagia beach.

Mid-Range: The Livadi is ideal for a convenient stay, especially for those without a car. You’d be within walking distance to everything: beaches, eateries, nightlife and the ferries. For an atmospheric apartment stay with lovely amenities, I recommend Indigo. From €80 a night, depending on the season.

Basic: For a basic clean rooms, no frills, I recommend Ms. Lambrini’s Cavo d’Oro (+30 2281 051160). From €50 a night, depending on the season.

Where to Eat on Serifos

For a rundown of the eateries in Serifos, check out my post the Best Restaurants in Serifos.

What to Do on Serifos

Serifos is a nature lovers dream.  There are many beautiful beaches, hiking trails and a fantastic main town to explore. I have tons of posts about everything Serifos on this blog.

I love the all-natural beaches of this island —  truly one of the top attributes of this off-the-beaten-path island destination.

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What do you think of the best beaches of Serifos list? Which would fit your beach style?

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