Photo Tour: Day Trip to Oropos

Our day trip to Oropos inspired this little photo tour. Just about two-hour drive from Athens, this seaside town offered us a lovely change of scenery.

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A Day Trip to Oropos

With a sunny Saturday afternoon ahead of us we decided to head out somewhere nearby and new. Well, new to me.  Next thing you know we reached a little seaside village outside of Athens called Oropos.

Oropos Beach Town

So, what will you find in Oropos?  A long shore of beaches. However, it was still too cold for beach time.  We opted to walk by the shore and admired the views of a large Greek island called Evia. During our day trip to Oropos, driving along the town’s stretch of coastal road, that’s pretty much what we saw in some form — that gigantic Greek island.

Evia is the second largest island in Greece after Crete. If we had driven another half hour we would’ve been on Evia.

Day trip to Oropos
Off season beach and island views.

Taking in the views of Oropos inspired this new video on my new YouTube channel.

Eating Oropos Style

Next we ate at a fish tavern by the sea named O Faros. We dined on the fresh catch of the day — calamari.  It was grilled to perfection.  There were many taverns choose from and we didn’t have any suggestions, so we had decided on O Faros which is a bit farther out from town. More secluded.

I just loved these little tables out on the beach. So picturesque. So Greek! It was a highlight of our day trip to Oropos for sure.

Day Trip to Oropos
How we dined in Oropos.

Sunset in Oropos

The sun started to set and we sat in silence as the sky’s colors changed and as the sun inched away behind Evia leaving behind a chillier atmosphere.

Here’s another short clip of that moment during our day trip to Oropos. I loved how the little boat slid ever so slowly across the sea.


Stroll the Oropos Marina

Afterwards, we joined other folks who were taking an evening stroll by the marina.

 Day trip to Oropos
Oropos at night.

Oropos by the Sea

Just an hour away from Athens, Oropos was a nice little seaside retreat from city reality.

Oropos Greece
A fishing boat out at sea in Oropos.

Thanks to its long pretty seashore, Oropos is perfect for a short getaway from Athens.

Have you ever taken a day trip to Oropos?  What did you think about this close-to-Athens seaside town?

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