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Botanical Walk of Mount Immitos

The botanical walk of Mount Immitos is one of the city’s prettiest nature walks. If you love nature, this is an easy day activity you can experience while visiting Athens.

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Botanical Walk of Mount Immitos

The botanical walk of Mount Immitos is complete with ancient ruins and sweeping views. The path is located in the city’s easily accessible mountain slopes that border the metropolis.

What You’ll Find Walking Mount Immitos

Mount Immitos features several hiking trails that bring you to archaeological sites and its famous 11th century Kessariani Monastery.  I once lived quite close to the mountain and used to hike run around its various trails.

botanical walk of mount immitos
Botanical walk.

Following the Botanical Trail

For a change, as the spring weather continued to bloom, we decided to take a volta or walk down the botanical trail.  It was a lush green walk , a wonderful experience for any plant, flower and birdwatching lover. Cypresses, firs, poplars, plane trees and oaks all lined the easy walking path.  Along the way were spectacular views that were framed among the greenery.

The mountain air is fresh and clear. It’s an ideal place to wind down.  You’ll find Athenians just relaxing with their friends and families along the picnic areas to enjoy it all.

Kessariani Monastery

Living in an ancient city like Athens has gotten me accustomed to amazingly historic ruins.  At the start of the path is the archaeological site of the Kessariani Monastery.  It was closed at the time I happened to be there. Next time!

botanical walk of mount immitos

Church of Agios Marcos Frangomonastirio

Continuing on the botanical walk of Mount Immitos you’ll reach the open ruins of the Church of Agios Marcos Frangomonastirio.

The site has remains of a 10th century Byzantine church built on the foundations of a fifth century three-aisled Christian basilica.  You can walk through it and check it out up close.

Right next to the Church of Agios Marcos is this lovely green picnic space.  We walked a bit more but then we had to trace our steps back.  All in all, I was glad to get reacquainted with the mountain and its fresh air.

How to get to Mount Immitos:

Mt. Immitos is a 15-minute drive from the city center.  Take the Kareas peripheral road. You can take the road through Kessariani and drive up the main road called Ethnikis Anastasios. You will pass under a bridge then look out for a sign for the monastery on your right off of a curvy road.

Once you see a road like this and the sign can try to find parking off the tight road. You may have to drive up to find an empty and safe patch of road to leave your car and park and walk back down. There is no parking lots.

Here are the signs to look out for:

Take bus 224 which takes you to the neighborhood of Kessariani.  The last stop drops you off approximately 3 kilometers from the monastery. From there, walk straight ahead into the road leading into the woods. See pictures above.

Take the blue line and get off at Evangelismos station.  From Evangelismos take bus 224 to be dropped off at the last stop before the woods.  Alternatively, you can walk through Kessariani town instead and into the woods.  Add on another 20-minute walk through the main street of Kessariani called Ethinikis Anastasios. See pictures above.

The Archaeological Site of the Kessariani Monastary
Hours of Operation
Tues-Sun / 8:00 -15:00
+30 210 723 6619
Entrance Fee: 2 Euro

Have you taken the botanical walk of Mount Immitos or any of the hiking trails on the mountain?

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  1. What a great post! I’ve always wanted to make the effort to go to Immitos – especially now it’s spring: not to hot nor cold. But was always put off by the fact I don’t have a car.
    Now you’ve provided alternative transport info, I shall definitely be heading up there. Thanks!

  2. This is a wonderful article! A couple years ago we took the 224 bus to the end, then asked the driver & a passerby how to get to the monastery… They sent us to the left of the cemetery, across Εθ. Αντιστάσεως, & up the hill half a kilometer north, to a little nunnery. Nothing wrong with it, except we wanted the famous monastery! Do you think you could write up the walking directions from the Αφετηρία? Left or right around the cemetery, which street leads to the trail…?

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