Speaking at TBEX Athens

The next week is a busy week for this expat girl living in Greece. On Sunday the 19th I’ll be reading and speaking at my first book event for my debut novel Chasing Athens at the much anticipated, everyone in Athens is talking about it event called Art Links. Its a series of performances, art exhibitions and more all to celebrate creativity (Oct.17-22). At the launch event I will be speaking about “Greece as Inspiration and the Road to Publishing a First Book.” So that’s that. If you’re in Athens I hope to see you there!

The day after Art Links is finished a swarm of the saaviest travel blogging professionals are taking over the city!  I’ll be happily taking part in that. The TBEX conference which will be held right here in town and I’ll be sitting on a panel to talk about “Blogging in Greece.”


It’s a neat little coincidence for me to follow my novel’s launch (a book inspired by Greece) with a speaking opportunity about my travel blog because my blog was inspired by Greece as well. After two years, my Greece, my travels has been a labor of love.  I don’t always have the time I want to post what I want but it has proven to be a steady home to post my favorite pics, give insights n beautiful destinations or add a little more detail to stories I had been assigned as a travel writer. The top posts have been about the islands and beaches – my favorites too.
I’ll be sitting on a panel with fellow travel bloggers Becki Enright of the Borders of Adventure blog  and Rebecca Hall of the Life Beyond Borders blog. Check out this link to see who else will be speaking.


Truly looking forward to that and all the industry insight I’ll gain at TBEX. Now back to that speech I’m supposed to give in a few days… (bite lip)…

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