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Top 10 Cocktail Bars in Athens

The top 10 cocktail bars in Athens not only have awesome “concepts,” they’ve also got the best drinks in town. Here’s a list of my top ten…

Athens Nightlife: The Cocktail Bars

I’ve found over the years I’ve been living in Athens, the city keeps getting edgier, more creative. I definitely see this trend in the nightlife scene.

That’s good for me because after a long week of writing, it’s great to unwind with a nice cocktail. Throw in a view or a really relaxing atmosphere,  good company – I’m happy! What deadlines?  Here’s a list of some local favorites, my list of the top 10 cocktail bars in Athens.

Top 10 Cocktail Bars in Athens

1) Noel

Athens Nightlife Best Cocktail Bars mygreecemytravels (6)
Photo courtesy of Noel. These bartenders mean business


In the latest hotspot of Athens, St. Irene Square (my favorite square), you’ll find a slew of great new trendy bars.  One that’s got a particular positive energy and woah – a holiday-all-year-round theme – is Noel.  Cute décor, always lively and a super drink list. Definitely tops my list of the top 10 cocktail bars in Athens.

Try the Shangri-La:  Cocchi Vermouth Amaro, Nikka Pure Malt White, pineapple puree and boukovo syrup.

2) Drunk Sinatra

Athens Nightlife Best Cocktail Bars mygreecemytravels (4)
Photo courtesy of Drunk Sinatra


On Thiseos street near Syntagma, this fun bar is always drawing a crowd that spills out onto the pedestrian way in front of it.  I kinda dig the name, too.

Try the Drunk Sinatra! Enough said.

3) The Clumsies

Voted one of the best bars in the world because, well, it is!  I wrote about my Clumsies experience when it first opened. Secret billiard – roulette – whiskey room, anyone?  It’s just a fun place to be with top bartending talent to boot.

Try booking “the room.” Bespoke bartending at its best.


4) Cinco

Okay, I like this one because it serves up tapas, and I love tapas. I also love creative drinks.It is right on the main nightlife drag of Kolonaki called Skoufa.  You can say that Cinco is one of the “it” cocktail bars in the upscale central district.

Try the My Tai: Brugal anejo marianted in coconut, luxardo maraschino, almond syrup, orange Curacao, fresh grapefruit juice, Angostura bitter.


5) Hilton Galaxy Bar

Athens Nightlife Best Cocktail Bars mygreecemytravels (5)
Photo courtesy of Galaxy Bar


With some of the priciest drinks in town, the Galaxy doesn’t disappoint.  You can count on this stylish, modern venue with a fabulous balcony to offer you a stunning night view of the Acropolis.  Located on the top floor of the five-star Hilton, Galaxy is the go-to cocktail bar for a sophisticated evening out.

Try the Exotic Star: Rum, almond milk, mango ice cream, mint, pineapple.

6) Gin Joint

The Gin Joint has won all types awards for the awesome drink concoctions they serve. A big focus is gin but there are other types of cocktails too.  Lots of them, and they’re good. Drinks are served in vintage crystal.

Try the I Love You Slightly Less than Gin: Hendrick’s gin, Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic water cucumber and rosebud bitters.

Athens City Pass


Top 10 Cocktail Bars in Athens
BIOS rooftop bar from above. Photo courtesy of BIOS


BIOS isn’t just a cocktail bar, it’s an awesome concept. Think urban art space, music space, creative space — with all these funky cool events going on. It makes my list for the gorgeous rooftop view of the eternal Acropolis. It’s also in the eternal nightlife district of Athens called Gazi.

Try the Papoto:  All you need to know is that this is an ice cream cocktail… #yum


8) Baba Au Rum

Cocktail Bars in Athens
Photo courtesy of Baba Au Rum


This bar opened the year I came to Athens and its clearly here to stay, an institution in the bar scene!   Baba au Rum won a prize for the best cocktail bar in Athens and is has been named as one of the world’s top bars!

Try the Rum and Chocolate: Caribbean rums aged in oak barrels, vanilla and smoke aromas in a shattering conjunction with Valhrona Caraibe 66 percent cocoa chocolate.


9) Balthazar

Cocktail Bars in Athens
Love the ambiance at Balthazar. Photo courtesy of Balthazar


Not only is it a fine restaurant, it’s a super trendy hangout for cocktails — and its all centered in the garden of a 19th century renovated neoclassical mansion.  This fancy mansion turned restaurant bar is kind of tucked on an unsuspecting street in a suburb of Athens. Once you find it, it’s a beautiful gem to enjoy a good cocktail.

Try the Shanghai Buck: Pampero rum, cucumber, ginger, lemon, peach bitters, ginger beer.


10) City Zen

Top 10 Cocktail Bars in Athens mygreecemtyravels.com
Romantic view at City Zen


I must add one of Monastiraki district’s awesome rooftop bars. City Zen is one of my favorites, a really relaxed place to grab a drink with that simply amazing view of the Acropolis at night.

Looking for more Athens nightlife ideas? Check out my earlier post on the Best Little Bars in Athens. They may be small but they’re big on style with a great drink list to boot.

Would you add any other places to my top 10 cocktail bars in Athens list? Feel free to comment in the box below!

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