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Cretan Art in Athens: Alexandros Androulakis

You know you’re at a Cretan art event when you’re kindly offered a shot of raki in the middle of the day.

Cretan Art in Athens

The Grecotel Pallas Athena  launched the hotel’s new art exhibit by Cretan artist, Alexandros Androulakis.   The artist himself was set to speak about his “Life thrú art.”

That’s how I was offered a shot of raki.  The Cretan kind. So… I knew it would be strong. It was either that or fresh-squeezed orange juice or water.

I’m too much of a lightweight to truly enjoy hard liquor so early in the day so I passed. But I love that authentic touch to the event. True Cretan/Greek hospitality.

welcome raki

Cretan Cuisine in Athens

First, we sat down to an amazing Cretan lunch prepared by the hotel.  I have not been to Crete in my six years living in Greece but everything Cretan I get exposed to makes me kick myself for not going yet.  I’m definitely pointing out the food in that statement.

I absolutely loved the gamopilafo which means wedding pilaf.  Specially prepared to be served at Cretan weddings, the rice is cooked in meat stock made from quality meat and bones.

cretan buffet


cretan cheese anyone

The Art of Alexandros Andourlakis

After lunch, the soft-spoken Alexandros Andourlakis, who is from the Cretan city of Rethymno, talked to us about the inspiration behind some of his favorite pieces.  He’s a trained artist in Byzantine iconography and has a degree in physics.

I enjoyed his art which is described as a “fun-loving Verismo-style combining modern day reality with simple narrative.”

I found the colors vivid and playful.

a personal art tour

androulakis painings

He also had several beautiful religious icons displayed which obviously came from his artistic training.

byzantine icons


If you are in Athens, and want an expressive taste of Cretan art, I highly recommend you check out the exhibition.

Art in the Heart of Athens Exhibit
Works by Alexandros Androulakis
Grecotel Pallas Athena
Until May 8, 2016
Have you ever been to Crete?

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