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Goupa Fishing Village on Kimolos

Visit Goupa fishing village on Kimolos to experience an authentic slice of island life in the Cyclades.

Goupa Fishing Village on Kimolos

During the tourist summer season Kimolos welcomes its share of day trippers from the larger island of neighboring Milos.  During my visit, I discovered that life in Kimolos goes on the way the islanders want it to rather than being totally absorbed in catering to tourists.

I found that real Greek island living and local authenticity when I spent some time at a fishing village called Goupa.  It was a simple but beautiful little corner of the island.  Brightly painted boat garages contrasted beautifully with the whitewashed homes.

Goupa fishing village in Milos
Goupa fishing village in Kimolos.


Goupa village in kimolos island
Loved the colors of the boat garage doors in Goupa.

What to do in Goupa Fishing Village

There wasn’t much to do except check out the scene. There weren’t any tourist shops at this picturesque little place. When we walked around, there wasn’t a cafe or restaurant with someone speaking in English to win me over.  There wasn’t a cafe or eatery at all, as a matter of fact.  The only thing there was to do… swim with the local kids playing in the sea!

goupa fishing village
Just a lazy September afternoon in Goupa fishing village.

fishing village in kimolos island greece


How to Get to Kimolos

You can take a ferry from the Athens port of  Piraeus to Kimolos. The journey typically lasts three to six hours depending on the speed of the boat.

Another option is to take a flight from Athens International Airport to the neighboring island of Milos and take a short ferryboat ride from there.

Kimolos is also connected with Paros, Santorini Greece, Serifos and other Cycladic islands.

What to Do on Kimolos

Kimolos is a fantastic island to explore, unspoiled by mass tourism.  To decide where to go to the beach read up on The Best Beaches of Kimolos Island.

There are fantastic windmills you can hike to as well, click on my earlier post called The Abandoned Windmills of Kimolos.

Kimolos has tons of white stuff: chalk.  Check out my earlier post called Kimolos: The Chalk Island.

Goupa fishing village didn’t cater to tourism keeping its authentic vibe. Have you ever visited a similar authentic fishing village any place in Greece or around the world?


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