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Where to Eat on Hydra

You’ll need to know where to eat on Hydra, even if you are off for just a short day trip from Athens.  Here’a a list of a few places I have enjoyed during my visits.

Where to Eat on Hydra

Hydra is an ideal weekend island getaway for Athenians. For visitors from abroad its a great little island to visit that won’t take up much of your traveling time.  It’s one of the closest islands to Athens, a perfect break from the city for one night or a weekend.  Hydra also boasts some excellent places to eat and drink.

Here’s my recommended list of where to eat in Hydra.


There were reserved seats when I arrived and I immediately saw why – the view is unreal. Kick back and relax here with your drink of choice: coffee or cocktail, you can’t go wrong.

eat drink hydra


At Omilos you can dine on a lovely terrace that seems like its hanging above the sea.

This more upscale restaurant offered a menu full of creative twists on traditional Greek dishes.   My favorite was a grilled haloumi cheese with balsamic and pesto dressing.  The downside to the dining experience here was the extremely slow service.  For more information check the website: www.omilos-hydra.com

Ta Gefiria

This taverna was not to far from the main town.  It was off a quiet stone street lined with trees. I was told this was where the locals go. The food is really spitiko meaning homemade Greek-style, rich and delicious. I had the pleasure of devouring their dish of the day which was imam, eggplants with feta baked in tomato sauce.

Hydra taverna


Kodylenia’s was a traditional greek taverna boasting a big wooden balcony. It was the perfect place to relax with a view of a little port and miles of blue sea.  We had fresh seafood dishes and salad.  For more information, visit the website: www.hydra-kodylenia.gr

hydra taverna


I didn’t head to Amalour for its food. This was the best place to head out for drink. The venue had tons of energy, a good dancing crowd and lovely drinks.  If you want to go there when it will have the most folks, head out after midnight. Greeks party late.


Tsagaris Sweets

Stop by this zaharoplasteio (sweet shop) for these little powdery little guys below.  In Greek they are called hydraika amigdalota which means almond sweets from Hydra. They were absolutely delicious. You can try them either baked or boiled! Try both types, really.

I was told these amigdalota sweets are made exclusively on Hydra. Imposters would be found elsewhere.

Hydra Travel Tips

Cars are not allowed on the island. You can get around the way locals do: by foot, by donkey and by water taxi.

How to Get to Hydra

You can hire a private boat or helicopter.

However, the easiest and most economical way to reach Hydra is by ferry from the port of Piraeus. The trip is 1.5 hours long.
The companies called Flying Dolphins and SpeedCat have many ferries departing each day from the port.  You can check www.openseas.gr for updated timetables.  The tickets cost around 10 Euro/one way.

I’d love to add more restaurants and eateries to my Where to Eat on Hydra post! I’ll be back.

Have you been to Hydra? Where would you suggest I go next time?

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