What to Do In Tallinn in One Day

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia and just 70km south of Helsinki, is an awesome holiday destination. It offers a  heady mix of adventure, nightlife and rich culture  which all combine to create an exhilarating atmosphere.  Read on to discover what you can do in Tallinn in one day.

What to Do in Tallinn in One Day

Tallinn Never Looked so Good!

The city combines modern and old, and because it’s so compact, you can cover a lot in just one day. What’s more, there’s something for everyone. What to do in Tallinn in one day essentially depends on the experience you want.

Most visitors to Tallinn don’t know where to start. How do you get to see the best in just one, thrilling day? A Tallinn city tour in a day can be the solution, more so when planned by leading local guides. You get to  see everything important in a day in a pleasurable way  instead of it turning out to be an endurance test! 

With a local guide you’re not going to miss out on the full spectrum of that this lovely city has to offer. 

You can go on a bicycle tour, a bus tour or make a Tallinn walking tour your trusted companion. They’re a  great source of knowledge and inspiration. Not all tours visit the same must-sees. It pays to do some research on the city and decide on what you want to see. 

Medieval Old Town – Showcasing Tallinn’s Past

Every visitor to Tallinn wants to visit the Medieval Old Town – Toompea – the best preserved medieval city in Northern Europe. 

  • They love checking out the old architecture, the picturesque cobblestone streets and the gothic spires. 

  • Pop into the ancient pharmacy – Raeapteek. It dates way back to 1422 but its still in use and still in its original building. Who knows what you can find here – maybe some cannabis or maybe even some remedy wines? Nobody really knows but its 100% worth a visit.

  • There are plenty of vibey restaurants and bars that bring a festive air to the historical city centre. No wonder the Old Town has been inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

  • The medieval towers of Old Town Tallinn are literally party of the skyline. The Old Town also has a number of amazing churches with magnificent steeples that appear to reach the sky. Just look at St. Olav’s Church Tower –   it has a 124 metre spire. You won’t get a more splendid view over Tallinn!

  • Other superb viewing points are Teletorn, the TV Tower and Kohtuotsa viewing platform. This is found on the northern side of Toompea hill and you can expect breathtaking views as far as the eye can see. 


Winter Time Essentials

There is much to love with a Tallinn Winter. On a cold Wintry day,  the soft powdering of snow on old rooftops, and the flickering glow of yellow and orange lights in frosted windows add to the fairytale allure.   

Get somebody to photograph you skating at the outdoor ice rink or standing next to the huge candlelit Christmas tree at the Town Hall Square. Really, whatever time of year you’re visiting Tallinn, there is a special magic.

The Christmas markets too, are perfect for buying gifts.  While you’re at Raekoja plats, which is the Town Hall Square, you never know what festivals or concerts you might come across. Even so, if no festivals are on, there are still a number of bars and restaurants close by to enrich your market experience. 

Twinkling lights, tasty seasonal treats, a wonderful craft range from retro to classic and plenty of good cheer make the markets a must-see. Christmas markets in Tallinn are nothing ordinary, and according to Forbes, are of the best in Europe. 

Kalamaja – Echoes with Old Memories

Another place not to  miss is Kalamaja, one of the oldest districts in Tallinn that has seen an extensive makeover. It’s an exciting  hub known for its art and culture,  and it’s got some spectacular street art too. There are also fascinating restaurants and bars, each one echoing with old memories.  

Extraordinary Museums

Tallinn has some brilliant museums  to visit and each one  gives you an inkling as to the city’s illustrious history. 

  • One fascinating museum is the Kalev Marzipan Gallery where everything is made from marzipan. Entry is free and it is open all year around from 10am to 9pm. You’ll find figures of famous people such as Vladimir Putin made from marzipan, and see artists at work as they paint the marzipan figures. 
  • Rocca Al Mare Open Air Museum – an awesome museum open every day from 10am till 8pm. You’ll see how the locals of old used to live. You’ll find a school, fire station, mills, shops etc and you can ride horses and enjoy workshops and events. 
  • Lennusadam Seaplane Harbour  – fantastic array of ships and submarines. This maritime museum is generally opened each day from 10.00 till 6 or 7 in the evening. It’s  best to check their web page where they clearly stipulate open and closed days. There are lots of activities planned throughout the year. What’s really cool is that they also have an audio tour of the Estonian maritime history in 10 languages!

Kadriorg -a Showcase of Nature

When Winter makes way for Spring, nature lovers look for a source of hope and inspiration. The Kadriorg neighbourhood is a leafy area within walking distance of Old Town. There are some beautiful landscaped gardens that are open to the public as well as forested parks, ponds and pathways. The park is also close to Pirita Beach, 2km of sandy beach with the  Pirita Promenade. This allows you superb views of the peninsula and the Gulf of Finland. 

Kadriorg Palace


Kadriorg can be enjoyed by bike complete with a clued up guide. It’s a great way to pick up some fascinating bits of information about Estonia and Tallinn.

If you don’t want to be part of a bicycle tour, you can hire a bike – regular bikes, tandem bikes, bikes for the city, mountain bikes etc – and cruise Tallinn as you like. Bicycle equipment such as helmets are also available for your usage. 

Foodie Tours to Scrumptious Eateries

Food lovers will truly appreciate that food in this quaint city is prepared in the most picturesque kitchens, complete with old butter churns and fireplaces.

Taking a food tour will give you the chance to experience Estonian food and drinks according to the season you’re visiting. Wild berries, cottage cheese, pea or bean soups, mushrooms, casseroles and pork with sauerkraut are some of the delights you’ll be served, and there’ll be useful cooking tips to take home with you.  

Non-Stop Entertainment

In Tallinn you can find lots of inspiration for your big day and you can go on a nostalgic journey to yesteryear or simply enjoy modern, local and seasonal attractions. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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