Michelin-Starred Dining in Paris: Jacques Faussat-La Braisière

Jacques Faussat-La Braisière is a top Michelin-starred dining experience in Paris that gets you in touch with Chef Faussat himself.

Michelin-Starred Dining in Paris

Fine dining in the city that defines fine dining. It is an experience that only Paris can offer.  Combine the coveted Michelin star of approval and the gastronomic experience is tipped to another level.

The Michelin concept began in France. In 1900, the Michelin brothers, who founded the famous tire company, had the good sense of printing restaurant recommendations in their travel guides.  Now, more than a century later, the Michelin Red Guide is where one can find the top gourmet dining options from around the world. It’s where you’ll find Jacques Faussat.

Jacques Faussat-La Braisière

Jacques Faussat-La Braisière is located on an unassuming street, away from any tourist traffic — a quiet spot in the 17th Arrondissement. The dining area struck me with its simple elegance: neutral walls, ambient lighting, 60s mod handmade furniture and minimal décor. Some contemporary paintings spotted the room with bold color.



It was a weeknight so the restaurant was not full. I immediately noticed Chef Faussat made it a point to visit each table to take orders and chat with guests.  When he came to our table, I only regretted I couldn’t speak French. He had an amiable nature to go along with his friendly countenance and bright grin and it would have been a great pleasure to learn more about his cuisine straight from him.  In any case, a waiter who spoke English translated dutifully and informed my sister and I that would be having a dinner comprising of his choice of suggested plates.


The Menu at Jacques Faussat-La Braisière

One favorite starter of mine was a Norway lobster soup with coconut milk with sea urchin ravioli and Thai spices. I had spied this choice on the menu and was delighted to be served this European and Asian mix of flavors, coconut being one of my favorite ingredients.  It was lovely, owning a smooth rich and creamy taste.


Next, we sampled the wild sea bream ceviche with vanilla and lime. A very pleasing palette of flavors sparked with citrus notes.

We then tried several main courses. First, the roasted red mullet with tomatoes stuffed with preserved lemon and yellow wine.  Delightful.

Next, Chef Faussat’s young lamb shoulder was succulent and tender with deep flavors enhanced by chanterelles and green onions.  The meat is the best you can find, hailing from the Pyrenees Mountains which rest on the border with Spain.


For the cheese course, I savored the cheese plate consisting of the soft ripened French cow cheese called coulommiers, blue cheese from Auvergne and Italian cheese.

We finished the meal with a fluffy peach soufflé, a delightful airy dessert with just the right sweetness.



Wine Pairings at Jacques Faussat-La Braisière

We accompanied dinner with several wine pairings.  We started with an excellent Chardonnay that was suggested by the waiter, a 2014 Domaine Vincent Bachelet Bourgogne.  We later switched to JAVA Gascogne by the Famille Fezas of Domaine Chiroulet, an excellent selection hailing from the Gascogne region. We also loved a third white wine, a 2015 Chateau Barrejat Denis Capmartin produced around the village of Madiran in Gascogne under the Appellations d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh.


Conclusion: Michelin Dining at Jacques Faussat-La Braisière

I found the dining experience at Jacques Faussat-La Braisière very solid with excellent service. Dishes were not only intuitive but beautiful in presentation and flavor.

What impressed me was Chef Faussat’s open communication with his guests. He visited every table to take orders and check on their meals.  Of course, our communication had a bit of a language barrier but the sentiment wasn’t lost on his well-appointed wait staff.

Highly recommended for a Michelin-starred dining in Paris.

Jacques Faussat-La Braisière
54, rue Cardinet 75017 Paris
Tel.: +33 01 47 63 40 37
Open for lunch and dinner
The menu also features dégustation menus with wine pairings.
Dinner starting at 150+ Euro per person.

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*My Greece, My Travels was a guest of Jacques Faussat-La Braisière. All opinions are my own as a food and travel writer.

Have you ever had a fine dining experience in Paris?


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