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Top Non-Smoking Bars in Athens

There may be an official smoking ban, yet non-smoking bars in Athens are hard to find. Here are the exceptions.

Coffee to Drinks: Non-Smoking Nightlife in Athens

Athens has a great café culture, an easy one to ease into especially in the warmer months. You can just sit outside, enjoy the view and your company and, of course, a good Greek coffee. During the colder months, it is not so fun for non-smoking folks. That’s why I listed the top cafes to relax without the fear of getting smoke blown in your face.   It turned out to be one of my most visited posts with some strong comments about the topic!  You can check out the “controversial” post and comment on it here: Scenic and Smoke Free Cafes in Athens

Non-smoking bars in Athens

Since then, I am happy to be able to write another non-smoking post centered on non-smoking bars in Athens. This is especially useful as the weather gets cooler.

Although there is an official smoking ban, it’s a cultural thing to smoke. So, it is overlooked in indoor settings including cafes and bars. This can be a shock for visitors coming from certain countries who are used to a smoke-free indoor environment.

Living here, I must say I have become used to the smoke. I have come to accept that many Greeks like to smoke anywhere they want. They can, even with the laws that have been passed. It is up to proprietors to follow the non-smoking ban. A handful of nightlife spots have followed it.

Here’s the top non-smoking bars in Athens to enjoy your nightlife experience here among locals…

Non-Smoking Bars in Athens

By the Glass

I remember meeting friends at this wine bar and was instantly and pleasantly surprised that the air was clear!

Photo courtesy of By the Glass


By the Glass took over an 19th century mansion near the National Gardens.  Its title gives away its specialization — serving wines by the glass.  There’s an extensive list of wines that are poured in 25 ml, 75 ml and 150 ml by-the-glass servings. Sommeliers here also serve vintage wines utilizing the Coravin (a machine that extracts wine without disrupting the cork).  I’d say the crowd is more mature, quiet and there’s a leafy outdoor alley dining space too.

Souri 2, Athens, 105 57; www.bytheglass.gr

Heteroclito (First Floor)

This is cute relaxed wine spot near Ermou, the city’s main shopping pedestrian street. I love the French bistro like setting.

It’s on the tiny side complete with a retro vintage feel.  The menu is a map of Greece, so you can see where your wines are coming from.


There are two levels to the venue, the first floor is non-smoking and the second floor is for smokers – so don’t bother going up there if you are avoiding smoke.  There are also a few tables outside on the pedestrian way.

Petraki 30, Athens, 105 63; www.heteroclito.gr



Open since 2008, Oinoscent is the capital’s first wine bar.

Photo courtesy of Oinoscent


More than two dozen wines are served by the glass and accompanied with complimentary nibbles. International and Greek wines make the list here. Oinoscent’s vast wine cellar features more than 800 labels.

Voulis 45-47, Athens 105 57;  www.oinoscent.com

42 Bar

The center of Athens has been hopping with all kinds of great bars as of late and at 42 Bar, they are keeping up with the energy.


Tucked away in an alley near Kolokotroni Square, the ambient bar is famous for making their own syrups that are added to their unique drinks and cocktails.

Kolokotroni 3 Athens, 105 62

Where to Go: Non-Smoking Bars in Athens

Looking over my list, the first three are wine bars.  So you know, the city has a thriving wine bar scene which is a great experience.

As you can see, things are changing in Athens.  There are actually non-smoking indoor cafes and indoor bars to write about, options for those of us who love Athens and would love to experience it without the second-hand smoke. I must add that it might still be a good idea call and check ahead of time as venues may revert to old smoking policies.

Athens is filled with great cocktail bars and even more wine bars.  Although I cannot guarantee there won’t be indoor smoking, check out my earlier posts.

Top 10 Cocktail Bars in Athens

Bouzoukia in Athens: Live Greek Music Clubs

* Oh, definitely not smoke free at bouzoukia — but a really authentic nightlife experience to be had.

Best Little Bars in Athens

More Non-Smoking Bars in Athens?

Perhaps I am missing some non-smoking bars in Athens?  If so, do scroll down and comment in the comment box below to help those who are seeking a smoke-free evening in Athens. I’d love to go check out your suggestions for myself!

Plan Your Trip to Athens

How to Get to Athens

To get to the Athens, many international travelers arrive by air in Athens.  You can find the best flight deals here on Vayama.

What to Do in Athens

Athens is my adopted hometown and much of this blog is about that very topic. Check out more posts from nightlife to gastronomy on this blog here. It’s a wonderful city break you should plan at least two to three days for — even up to a week — depending on how much time you have and what you’d love to do.

I highly recommend the Athens City Pass, a discount city card that gains you access to many of the capital’s most loved sights. I reviewed it earlier and featured it on this blog.

If you are planning to explore more of Greece and take a few amazing day trips, I can highly recommend is Avis Europe.

If you want to hop to the islands or spend time at one of the many Greek island destinations – you should! Also, check out my Greek islands category for the best places to stay, eat and best things to do. I only recommend places and experiences that I have tried and tested myself.

Where to Eat in Athens

Check out my post, 17 Awesome Greek Food Experiences which also lists where to find these delicious experiences in Athens.

Where to Stay in Athens

A full rundown of places I recommend coming soon. Bes sure to sign up for my bi-monthly newsletter here for more tips and insights from my travels around beautiful Greece and amazing Europe.


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    1. Hi Astrid, Thanks for your input. Based on your comments and others I have taken Zonar’s off my list. Such a shame. I was impressed when I went and it was non-smoking. Goes to show you how things can change at any time regarding the no smoking policies here.

  1. Thank you for this article 🙂 Unfortunately, Zonar’s isn’t smoke- free. I believe that smoking indoors is a huge problem in Greece and makes me think twice when I want to choose a place for a night out. If you want to learn more about which cafés/ bars/ restaurants are smoke- free you can visit the following fb group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/163653457992/

    1. Hi Penelope, Thank you for your input and commenting here. I think many folks agree with you. Thanks for the update, I took out Zonar’s from the list. I hope I can add more smoke-free establishments in the future!

  2. Hi, great article and very useful! I’d like to let you know that I’ve recently opened a gastropub in Kifisia which is strictly non-smoking and I invite you to come and try it out any time you wish. I’d love to make it onto a list such as the one you’ve made above!

  3. Good to see in the Comments someone is opening a non-smoking place in Kifissia. I hate going to places that are smoking.
    Next you should write a piece about tavernas and restaurants that don’t allow smoking because I’m unsure how many of those are around too!

  4. Good to know! As a former smoker, smoker and future non-smoker again (I do intend to quit again soon), this comes in really handy, since having someone smoking next to you when you’re in the process of quitting as a nightmare…
    I hope to visit Athens soon, this time as a non-smoker, to try some of these places. As everything over there, they loo really good!
    Xronia Pollà Marissa!

  5. How nice that you posted this list! It is very useful even for us the locals-and-non-smokers. So many times a beautiful place starts with the right pace as a non smoking establishment and after some time the boundaries fade out to our disappointment and we are again in the look for the new place to go. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I am not a smoker and I do have friends that will definitely find this article very interesting, as they struggle to find such places. I am sharing it.

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