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On a chilly, grey and moody winter day, the sprawl of Prague, as I viewed it from the domineering Prague Castle, seemed to be from another world, era or from a dream.  It was that beautiful.

Walking Through Prague Castle

Prague Castle, clearly visible from across the Vltava River, impressed from afar. So, I was excited to see it all up close.

Just walking up to it after we got off tram 22, I began to feel smaller. Its spires and grand buildings seemed to grow taller and taller even behind the cover of tree branches.  It was like walking into a fairy tale.

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The Massiveness of Prague Castle

The entire castle complex is the size of seven football fields. Dating back to the ninth century, it is the largest medieval castle in Europe and was once the seat of the Kings of Bohemia. How fancy does that sound?  Today it is the official residence and office of the President of the Czech Republic.

St. Vitus Cathedral

One of my favorite places within the castle grounds was St. Vitus Cathedral, a Gothic masterpiece. I loved the gargoyles and its simply haunting yet majestic dominance.

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The cathedral was commissioned in 14th century. Since then, coronations for Czech kings and queens have taken place here.

Strolling the Courtyards

Prague Castle is a place that you can wander around the courtyards for free.  We strolled through the them, passing various churches and buildings that were the essence of European elegance — structures that have stood for centuries.  There are also smaller buildings with little courtyards complete with cafes and restaurants.   It was like exploring a royal village.

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Changing of the Guards

At the other end of the castle we found a beautiful entrance gate at Castle Square. That was where we happened to catch the changing of the guards.

Prague Panorama to Remember

After the ceremony, we stumbled upon a scenic spot where a stunning panoramic view of Prague swept open before us.

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Prague Castle
Courtyards: free admission
Entrance into the historic buildings, various exhibitions and the Golden Lane requires various ticket purchases.
For more information visit the Prague Castle website at: www.hrad.cz

What to Do in Prague

For more on Prague, what to do and see, visit the Prague City Tourism website.

For a wonderful city tour of Prague, I highly recommend Eva Vondrusova with CAT tours.

Did you know Prague has its own Little Vietnam?  I wrote about it for Urban Travel Blog. Check out my post: Guide to the Sapa District in Prague.

Where to Eat in Prague

Prague is known for its food scene. Read my review on La Dégustation Bohême Bourgeoise, a Michelin-starred restaurant in old town.

For traditional hearty plates I enjoyed the traditional Czech pub restaurant and unique wall art at Hostinec “U Kalicha” Restaurant (Na Bojisti 12-14, Praha 2).

For cheap and hearty cafeteria style traditional plates, head to Havelska Koruna (Havelská 501/23, Praha 1 – Staré Město), near the market in old town.

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