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Today was a big day for the first professional blogging network of its kind — in Greece!

Fellow travel blogger Elena Sergeeva  and I have been working on launching Travel Bloggers Greece. Today was the official kick-off event with our first members and potential members attending.

tbg founders

We held an inaugural “Launch Brunch” which was an event sponsored by the newly refurbished five-star Grecotel Pallas Athena hotel in the heart of Athens. During our first official meeting we talked about future plans, FAM trips and the overall scope of the network. Our goal to raise the level and awareness of travel blogging in Greece — one of the top travel destinations in the world.

tbg first group

tbg launch


A wonderful buffet brunch followed in the Grecotel Pallas Athena restaurant. Then, talented Australian artist Mathew Halpin gave us a personal tour of his self-described “post-modern/surrealistic pop” paintings displayed in the hotel. Next we toured the creatively designed rooms of the newly refurbished Grecotel Pallas Athena (Thanks Grecotel for the hospitality) and then…. surprise…. we were off in a limo for a spin around the city. :O

tbg limo


tbg limo 2

That was pretty fun actually. I hadn’t been in a limo in years. No one really blinks an eye in the States except to catch a bride and groom or a prom party but here I realized it is a rare sight. It was totally fun to see how people turned to see who was hanging out in a limo in the middle of Athens. People were waving and smiling. That’s always nice, right? Thanks to Sattas Group for the limo experience.

Oh and a few more things…

The TBG launch announcement is below which is slowly getting press coverage already. It will be great to network, collaborate with other passionate Greece-based and Greek destination bloggers moving ahead.

We also look forward to working with more Greece based travel brands, destinations and hospitality organizations to promote authentic travel in this beautiful country. Special thanks to Divajo Photography, Grecotel and Sattas Group for helping to make our first event a big success!

Travel Bloggers Greece Holds Inaugural Launch Event

The First Professional Travel Bloggers Network in Greece Welcomes New Members at its Kickoff Event at Grecotel Pallas Athena

18 JAN 2015 (ATHENS, Greece) – The “Travel Bloggers Greece Launch Brunch,” held at the Grecotel Pallas Athena on January 18, gathered professional and aspiring travel bloggers based in Greece to network and learn more about upcoming events.
Travel Bloggers Greece (TBG) was recently established to promote the interests of travel bloggers that cover Greece as a travel destination as well as educate about travel blogging, promote authentic travel and increase awareness of Greek travel destinations. Eligible members include travel, photography, food and culture bloggers.
All of TBG’s members aim to create or already run their own unique blog that has a direct connection with Greece travel and culture. They also commit to TBG’s code of ethics that reflect high professional standards in blogging.
“Travel blogging is the next big thing and there’s a need to take it to the next level in Greece which is a top travel destination in the world. Our goal is to heighten the level of awareness about the importance of travel blogging in Greece and we believe that will facilitate positive relationships for both Greece based travel professionals and travel bloggers,” said Elena Sergeeva, co-founder of TBG and founder of the Passion for Greece travel blog.
“Thousands of writers and photographers now travel the world but niche travel blogs are becoming very important, since readers trust sources knowledgeable on a specific subject, and that includes Greece,” said Marissa Tejada, co-founder of TBG and founder of the blog My Greece, My Travels. “TBG reaches out to a growing community of bloggers focused on Greece travel and culture by helping them make local connections and hone their craft.”
The newly renovated five-star Grecotel Pallas Athena sponsored the “Travel Bloggers Greece Launch Brunch” at its acclaimed Pallas Athena Restaurant. TBG is currently working with other hotel brands, hospitality professionals and Greek destination representatives to organize hosted travel experiences for TBG members in 2015.

About Travel Bloggers Greece (TBG): Travel Bloggers Greece is a professional networking group whose mission is to promote the interests of travel bloggers that cover Greece as a travel destination. Members abide by TBG’s code of ethics and continually strive to maintain the highest professional standards. TBG also facilitates business relationships in the Greek travel industry and abroad to educate about travel blogging, promote authentic travel and increased awareness of Greek travel destinations. Membership opportunities are available for both bloggers and travel industry professionals.


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