Spain’s Most Fantasized Locations You Should Check Out 

Europe is the dream, isn’t it? Maybe not for Europeans but for all those who have not been there. People all around the world would confess their desire to see the lovely streets of Paris, Barcelona, Rome, London, Vatican City, Athens, Ibiza,and countless other locations so much. Of course, Europe has it all. The modernity, the sophistication, the greenery, the environment. Although getting to Europe is not as easy as it used to be, considering the kind of security check systems they have in place at the terminals and checkpoints. However, it still doesn’t stop tourists and visitors from trying to get in.  

The First Place to Go:  

When you make the trip, you would want to make sure that you start with the most popular and entertaining location first. A few places to consider for a starting point are Spain’s Madrid or Granada. Although not the most favorite first choice, but surely the most recommended one is Madrid’s tour around the city streets. Calle de las Huertas (Street of Gardens), Puerta del Sol (Gate of the Sun), Calle Carretas (Carretas street), Plaza del Humilladero (Humilladero Square), Calle del León (Street of the Lion), Calle de la Pasa (Street of the Raisins), Plaza de Santa Ana (Saint Anne Square), Segovia Street, Toledo Street and Alcalá Street etc. These make up most of Madrid’s featured sites to visit. Trying out the cuisine in the region is something be excited for and nothing less is to be expected of Madrid’s Huevos Rotos.  

Make your way through Spain’s architectural masterpieces and museums, art galleries and scenic views on hillsides and mountaintops. Check out the Sagrada Familia, Alhambra the Moorish Complex and if you want more, go to Ibiza. Filled with nightclubs and beaches making it the one stop shop for entertainment.  

Making the Most of Spain

For those who have an enthusiasm for art and history, Valencia is a hot spot hosting some of the most appealing historic buildings that capture the essence of Spanish culture. Enjoy the City of Arts and Sciences with the exhibitions and art shows they have on display there. Pick a good time after noting the day they are organizing an event and show up with your family to have an entertaining and enlightening evening. Similarly, if you’re not so much into science and prefer natural beauty, you should check out L’Oceanografic which is one of the world’s largest aquariums housing more than 500 species of the marine life on Earth. If you think that’s not enough, make your way to Valencia Bioparc that happens to be a zoo with a natural scenic view accompanying the different breeds of large animals that are kept there for show.  


Of course, for your own safety and precautionary measures, you should have a detailed plan on where it is you want to go and how you want to get there. Spain is a huge place to get lost and you should read up on a lot of reviews like TripAdvisor, Spain-holiday, and mSpy reviews to help you figure out how to have the best trip of your life.  

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