a late night out in madrid

In one smooth sweeping motion, the bartender knocks down an archaic Pilsner tap over a tall frosty glass, delicately lifts up a small white dish and promptly delivers both food and drink squarely in front me, before she scurries off yelping rapidly in Spanish. Perfecto. My night out in Madrid officially starts the way locals start theirs.

That was an excerpt from a fun story I wrote for one of my favorite online travel blogs called Urban Travel Blog.  My sister and I were visiting Spain and Madrid was one of our stops and it was an opportunity to write about what goes on at night.

I found out what Madrilenos really think of Javier Bardem, danced a storm in the city’s gay district and found out just how crowded the nightclub scene is on a Thursday night.  There’s a reason why some locals told me one can get carried away with Madrid’s nightlife. Check out my story here.

Barco Exterior
line up outside barco in madrid

Have you been out for a late night in Madrid?  What was your experience? Would love to hear it!

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