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Ithaca Island in Photos

When I think of Ithaca island, I think of its colors: blue, green and marble white.  I think of its clear blue seas and enchanting places that make you feel completely relaxed. 

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Ithaca Island – A Beauty in the Ionian Sea

Ithaca is simply charming.  I loved the tavernas by the sea, fresh air, friendly islanders and beautiful beaches wedged in between lush tree covered hills.  It was one of the least touristic islands I have traveled to in Greece.

I traveled there via ferry from a neighboring and much larger island called Kefalonia.  Kefalonia might sound familiar to you if you’ve ever read or seen the book turned movie, Captain Correlli’s Mandolin.  Ithaca has its own fame, a major setting in Greek mythology. Homer’s Ithaca was the home of Odysseus.

The island’s green hills set it apart from so many others.  It is 29 km/18 miles long and just 6.5 km/4 miles across.The  population stands just around 3,000 people.  So far, it is one of my favorite islands in Greece.

Here is a short photo tour of a few images I captured as I explored Ithaca island.

ithaca greece_mygreecemytravels (9)

ithaca greece_mygreecemytravels (8)



The beach landscapes of Ithaca island were stunning to take in. So many shades of blue!

ithaca greece_mygreecemytravels (22)




I loved how the places seemed “hidden.”


ithaca greece_mygreecemytravels (32)

The Villages of Ithaca Island

Vathi is the island’s capital.

ithaca greece_mygreecemytravels (19)

The villages were simply charming.

How to Get to Ithaca

Ferries leave daily to Ithaca from  Kefalonia, Lefkada and Patra. There is also ferry service between Piso Aetos on the west coast.
There are also ferry lines in Vasiliki in Lefkada via Fiskardo and  Sami in Kefalonia.

There is no airport on Ithaca island. However, you can take a plane into neighboring Kefalonia island.  Then, take a ferry to Ithaca.

For more on the beaches to visit on Ithaca island, check out my post, Best Beaches of Ithaca.

Have you ever been to Ithaca island? I’d love to hear about your travels.

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  1. This post much makes me feel like going there tomorrow morning ; ) especially if the place really is not overflown by tourist (like myself..). Calm scene and beautiful photos!

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