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Firiplaka Beach in Milos

Firiplaka beach in Milos is a stunner.  

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Firiplaka Beach in Milos

“The most beautiful beaches in Greece.”

So many of my Greek friends and acquaintances told me this right away when I said I’d be traveling to Milos. I couldn’t wait to see what the most popular beach was like, a place called Firiplaka on the southern part of the Cycladic island.

Getting to Firiplaka Beach

After we parked, we walked a few minutes to get to the beach. We rounded a corner of flat rocks to get to there. From a distance it was a sight to take in.  An auburn cliff sliced its way down around a  curvy clear blue bay, as if to embrace the long sandy beach.

Firiplaka beach is simply stunning

Up close we swam in warm, crystal clear water that starts off shallow.  The sand was super fine silver.  There weren’t any shady trees so at first we had to hang out under shade of a huge rock.

A serene beach indeed


Later on some loungers with umbrellas were freed up again.  Luckily, we managed to grab a pair. It was the middle of August so the beach was pretty busy.  Yet, I must admit, it wasn’t as swamped as other beaches I have been to in Greece during August.  We also had the chance to order drinks at a small cantina set on the beach.

This random rock rose out of the water quite grandly and there was a slit that was pretty fun to swim through.


Conclusion? It has my vote for one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece I have been to so far.

How to Get to Milos

Fly: Olympic Air and Aegean fly from Athens International Airport. The flight takes 30 minutes. The cost starts at €60 one way.

Ferry:  Ferries to Milos depart from the port of Piraeus. Count on more choices of departure times in the summer.  The journey ranges from four to seven hours, depending on stops and ferry type.  The cost starts at €35one way for slow ferries. Check www.openseas.gr for updated ferry schedules.

What to do in Milos

Also check out another photo post about the amazing Sarakinko beach on the other side of the island.

Some of the most scenic spots on Milos are only reachable by boat. I got to experience Kleftiko (Bandit’s Lair), breeze past an authentic reachable-only-by-boat fishing village and hang out in a stunning cave with azure waters on a day trip sailing around Milos with Chrysovalandou tours.  Check out my post called Sailing in Milos. I highly recommend the sailing experience, it was so memorable.

Have you ever been to Firiplaka beach in Milos?

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  1. Milos never ceases to amaze me… I go there every year for the last 9 years! and everytime I discover something new and breathtaking! The sea is beyond words… more than 60 beaches! I hope you had the time to explore my *beautiful* Milos 🙂 And thank you for following my blog! you will see through my photos that Milos has a special place in my heart…

    1. Hi Pelly! Yes, it really is such an amazing place. Nice to meet another Milos lover 🙂 I’m sure I’ll learn from your blog what to do next time I go there. Thank you for following my blog.

      1. You came to the right place 🙂 I know every little thing… And I am going to try the three little bars you suggested. At least “Ombra” & “Think Positive” are really close to my house…

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