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Best Little Bars in Athens

The best little bars in Athens may be on the small side but they offer a lot of personality and a great drink list.

Best Little Bars in Athens

Living in Europe I have come to appreciate how Europeans make such good use of small areas!  There just isn’t as much room anywhere – generally – when compared to the U.S.

It’s great to make the most of what you got and some little places equal some great spaces.

Best Little Bars in Athens mygreecemytravels (6)
Photo courtesy of Alexandrino. A great little tiny bar in Exarheia, district.

As a fan of creative design, here’s my list of the best little bars in Athens!

The Trap

This bar opened in 2016 in a very hidden place. It is tucked away in a “forgotten” arcade off of Syntagma Square — which happens to be one of the busiest central squares in the city.  The environment is very noir-esque meets intimate bistro.  It was packed but not too packed and the drinks were great.

Address:  Othonos 10. Walk into the dark hallway called Othonos, the forgotten arcade… Follow the nightlife din.

The Bank Job

This is a cool little bar on Kolokotroni street, right around the corner from Syntagma Square. On a beautiful night, you’ll know you’ve found it when you see what seems like a small mob outside on the sidewalk! For a little place, the Bank Job draws a big crowd.

Address: Kolokotroni 13, Athens


Brettos is a famous place indeed. It is one Europe’s oldest bars and is the oldest distillery in Plaka.  I love the colorful atmosphere.  As for the cocktail list, you have 150 choices in addition to a long list of Greek wines. I highly recommend trying the tsiporou, a Greek spirit.

Address: Kidathineon 41, Plaka district
Website: www.brettosplaka.com


The only prosecco bar in Athens is a tiny, clear windowed corner of a building off of busy Kifisias avenue in the suburban neighborhood of Neo Psychico. Head here if you’re in the mood for a fizzy cocktail.

Ombra is proud of its fine Italian wine selection as well as their Italian dishes. I didn’t eat when I was there, but I eyed a few plates that looked quite appetizing including super thin pizzas.

Address: Kifisias 220, Faros, Psychico


Best Little Bars in Athens mygreecemytravels (7)
Photo courtesy of Alexandrino.

This is a cozy place with a warm French bistro atmosphere.  If you’re lucky if you can find a place at the bar or a seat on the sidewalk.  It’s located in the artsy, alternative or anarchist (depends whom you speak to) section of town called Exarcheia.

Alexandrino boasts a nice martini and drink list. I’m a big fan of their chocolate martinis.

Address: Benaki 69A, Exarcheia

Think Positive!

This tiny martini bar is tucked away in the northern suburb of Halandri. It has a neat name. I agree!  I love the cool modern red decor and the extensive list of martinis. It was the first chocolate martini I ever tried in Greece and it lived up to my expectations. The bar gets crowded early but that’s because bartenders are so good at what they do.

Address: Gkini Andrea 12, Halandri

*This post was updated May 2016.

Have you ever been to any of the venues listed on my best little bars in Athens list? Should I add any little bars to this list that you love? I’m always up for discovering more!

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  1. Last Saturday we went to Think Positive! Great cocktails, loved to watch the bartender do his magic (we found out that he was trained in L.A.), nice music (very loud after 11pm). Will definitely come back!

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