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Greek Frozen Yogurt in Athens

You can find shops selling Greek frozen yogurt in Athens everywhere. Here’s the special shop that started the Greek craze.

Greek Frozen Yogurt in Athens

While it has been a phenomenon in the States and other places in the world for years, Greeks only started producing their own two years ago.  It started with former school teachers, Athina Fokas and Katerina Katsandoni.

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A New Yogurt in Athens

An American friend alerted me that her friend from New Jersey (Athina) had opened a frozen yogurt place in Syntagma Square.

As a sign of support and for love of frozen yogurt (namely TCBY, I miss you parfait!), my Greek-American friend Eleni and I had to sample it right away.

In my opinion, I found that its much better than TCBY .  No comparison, actually. This is the Greek stuff! The real stuff…

It starts with real Greek yogurt!
It starts with real Greek yogurt!

Greek Frozen Yogurt in Greece

The idea caught on like wildfire here and since then there have been hundreds of similar shops that popped up around the country, especially in the capital.  In any case, if you are coming to town or anywhere in Greece for that matter, try out Greek yogurt in one of its best forms – frozen.


Greek Frozen Yogurt Toppings

The best thing about frozen yogurt in Athens is that you can top it all off the Greek way. Sprinkles, brownies and chocolate syrup are so yesterday here.

Traditional spoon sweets like rose petals, lemon, and fig are available as well as baklava and pure Greek honey. There’s even kataikfi – what? It’s a sweet Greek pastry that looks like shredded wheat.

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While you’re in Athens, you can be sure your frozen yogurt experience will be a Greek food experience to remember.

Where to Go for Frozen Yogurt in Athens

Froyo Ermou
55 Ermou and Kapnikareas street
Syntagma Square

For more on my Greek frozen yogurt in Athens experience, check out an article I wrote for Urban Travel Blog.

Have you ever had Greek frozen yogurt in Athens? Where did you go?

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  1. It’s really divine :P! There’s also a Froyo Cafe in Thessaloniki that makes the best frozen yogurt I’ve ever tried! Once you try it, you’ll ask for more!

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