Photo Feature: Church of the Seven Martyrs

I am thrilled to say one of my favorite photos that I ever took just won a photography award from Light and Composition Magazine.

I posted a few pictures from my summer trip to Sifnos earlier this year on this post.


Here’s info I wrote to describe the exact photo that was recognized today in the travel photography category:

On the Cycladic island of Sifnos, Greece, I found myself awed by this tiny Greek Orthodox Church. Built on the edge of tiny peninsula, The Church of the Seven Martyrs seemed to be part of a magical and dreamlike scene – floating in the blue of the Aegean. I couldn’t take my eyes off the church as I walked up a rocky path that lead to island’s ancient Chora towering high above it.

I just have to add, when I travel to the Greek islands every moment has the potential to offer a gorgeous photo opportunity. It is simply that beautiful here…

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    iza dabrowska

    Stunning photo 🙂


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      Thank you! 🙂


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