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With the winter weather upon us here in Athens I thought to dedicate this post to skiing in Greece. Yes! You can. Here’s a link to a feature story I wrote about the topic for Odyssey magazine.

Did you know?

Approximately eighty per cent of Greece is comprised of hills and rugged mountains, making it one of the most mountainous countries in Europe. The long Pindus Mountain range begins at the border of Albania in the north and stretches down south to the Patras gulf, with traditional villages dotting it along the way. It also boasts the highest point in the country, Mount Olympus which stands at 2,919 meters. Within the mountains of the Peloponnese in the south, Mount Taygetus reaches 2,407 meters at the Profitis Elias summit. Several first-class ski slopes and centers are located on these impressive mountains.

Also from my article, here is a listing of selected pistes around Greece.  Have you been skiing in Greece?  If so, how did you find it?

Happy skiing & snowboarding this season! Maybe with the sea in view!


Kalavryta Ski Center, www.kalavrita-ski.gr

Mount Mainalo Ski Center, www.mainalo-ski.gr

Central Greece

Parnassos Ski Resort, www.parnassos-ski.gr

Pilio Ski Center, www.skipilio.gr

Northern Greece

Seli Ski Resort, www.seli-ski.gr

Mount Kaimaktsalan Ski Resort, www.kaimaktsalan.gr

3-5 Pigada Ski Resort, www.3-5pigadia.gr

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