Greek Sunday Lunch: Atrium at the Herodion

For a Greek Sunday lunch worth lingering over, head to the Atrium at the Herodion Hotel.

Greek Sunday Lunch: Atrium at the Herodion

The Herodion Hotel’s Atrium Greek Bistro has turned their ambient, glass-paneled dining area into a destination to experience the multiple course, traditional Greek Sunday meal. For Greek families that is defined as a meal worth lingering over, complete with slow-cooked dishes, wine and good company.

With my friend, Aurore, I headed to the Herodion to try it all out.

The Venue: The Atrium Greek Bistrot

I am a fan of the Herodion Hotel’s restaurants. Having reviewed the rooftop Point a restaurant (set to reopen later this spring) I was excited to sample the menu the Point a team has prepared for the indoor Atrium Greek Bistro.   The restaurant is the hotel’s primary non-summer season dining venue.

The interior is unique, a completely glass walled dining space that is beautifully built around a lovely tree. From every vantage point, you get a fantastic view of the lush garden outdoors.

The Menu: Greek Sunday Lunch at the Atrium

The Sunday menu is a fixed price, five-course affair — as a grand Greek Sunday lunch can be!  The dishes are served at the center of the table, for all to share.

We started with a pea and mint veloute soup with chili olive oil. Served in a huge cooking pot, we certainly had plenty. It was the perfect serving for a family of four. The soup was lovely, smooth with a unique kick of mint.

The national cheese of Greece, as much of the world knows, is Feta.  There are many variations I have tasted over the years. One recipe calls for the white cheese, made from sheep’s milk, to be fried and covered in sesame.  I liked the Atrium’s version which came with a tomato chutney dipping sauce.

Next, I tried their version of a Moroccan salad which was a toss of fresh peppers, tomatoes, onions with crispy pita croutons and a Mediterranean vinaigrette.  I love trying new kinds of fresh salads and this one was unique with its pita crunch.

Served atop a thick large wooden slab, the main dish impressed before we even took a bite.  Lamb is one of the best meats that Greeks prepare, in my opinion.  Atrium’s lamb fit my expectations, serving a large portion of the roasted dish. The spices were just right – not too spicy or salty as I’ve had in the past.  Potatoes rarely please me but the Atrium’s oven roasted version was excellent, roasted to the degree that brought out the flavorful essence of oregano and Greek olive oil.

We ended the dining experience with a taste I have become familiar with since moving to Greece: tahini.  The beautifully presented dessert consisted of thick bars of the sesame seed paste made with chocolate, lemon curd and honey.

Conclusion: Greek Sunday Lunch: Atrium at the Herodion

We leisurely spent three hours enjoying the entire lunch.  I found the price of €25 per person to be well worth the combination of service, venue and quality of dishes.  The meal comes with a glass of wine as well.  Children can join the lunch too at a discounted rate of €15 per child.

It’s a cozy environment, perfect for friends, families or groups to enjoy a well-prepared Greek meal, one that pays homage to the meaning of long and lovely Sunday lunches in Greece.

The lunch menu changes sometimes, so check the website or call beforehand if you want to know exactly which dishes will be served for a particular Sunday.

Atrium Greek Bistrot
Herodion Hotel
4 Rovertou Galli Street,  Athens
+30 210-923-6382

*Travel Greece, Travel Europe was a guest of the Herodion Hotel. As always all opinions are my own and are not influenced.

What’s your idea of a leisurely Sunday meal?

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  1. We have some colleagues who traveled for work here, in Athens. I’m going to recommend them this read and this location, it sounds like a very good idea for a foreigner​to sample the Greek kiriakatiko trapezi this way. Thank you!

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