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Insider’s Look at Kefalonia Island

Here’s my insider’s look at Kefalonia, one of the loveliest Ionian islands to explore in Greece.

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An Insider’s Look with Hype Magazine

Recently, I spoke with the editorial staff at Hype Magazine – the international travel blog of UK-based Holiday Hypermarket – to offer my insider knowledge about one of the prettiest Greek islands you can visit: Kefalonia.

Insider’s Look at Kefalonia

I have traveled to Kefalonia a few times over the years.  I have visited Greek friends and family members of Greek friends, so I feel like I got to know about the local vibe and culture.  Like many amazing destinations, I feel there is still so much more to see. After all, Kefalonia is one of the largest Greek islands.  From what I’ve experienced so far with my friends from the island, I can definitely recommend the top things to do and see here.

You can read the full interview on Hype Mag’s site but I’ve also included an excerpt here on the blog which includes my tips on what to see, eat, do and experience on this Greek island.

Trapezaki Beach on a rainy day


Kefalonia is part of the iconic Ionian Islands, but is often overlooked in favour of islands like Santorini, Mykonos, and Crete. Why would you say travellers should visit Kefalonia over other major Greek islands?

Kefalonia is a special island destination and like all Greek islands, it has its charms. It is an island full of natural beauty like mountains, caves and natural harbors, as well as a place for an explorer.

Kefalonia is home to an amazing mountain called Mt. Ainos where wild horses run free – I actually got to see them up close! Also, the coastline is absolutely stunning and dotted with fantastic beaches.


Insider's look at Kefalonia
Steps away from some wild horses.

If a holidaymaker only has a few days on the island, what would you say is one thing he or she absolutely shouldn’t miss the chance to visit, see or do in Kefalonia?

I’d recommend the top sights.

First is the Melissani Cave which is a beautiful blue lake found within the cave. You can take a boat tour into it and you’ll feel like you’re in a dream surrounded by surreal turquoise blue waters.

Then, I recommend spending time in a fishing village like Assos, which is a little town next to the Venetian castle ruins that dates back to the 16th century.

While there are many beaches to choose from, Myrtos beach is one of the most famous. It is considered one of the best in Greece and trust me, there’s a lot of competition. The landscape is gorgeous – think sloping hillsides and a crescent-shaped beach with gorgeous blue and turquoise waters.

Obviously places like Athens are packed with Grecian history, but what sites does Kefalonia offer that might appeal to travellers?

You’ll find archaeological sites throughout the islands and Kefalonia has its share. I think the most impressive one is the ancient acropolis site in Sami. This port town was once an important city-state full of impressive buildings until it fell to the Romans.

Tours I recommend on Kefalonia:

Small Group Wine Tour on Kefalonia

Half-Day Picnic with Wine Tasting on Kefalonia

6-Hour Best Experiences on Kefalonia Tour


Fiskardo, Kefalonia


For more about my travel adventures and an insider’s look at Kefalonia, visit my Kefalonia mini-guide on this blog.

Have you ever visited Kefalonia?  I’d love to hear about your experience.


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