How to Travel Europe on a Budget

There are amazing ways to experience Europe on a budget. For travelers who think that experiencing Europe when the funds are low just isn’t possible, think again.

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How to Travel Europe on a Budget

Europe is one of the most diverse continents to explore. It’s a destination that has proved to be a perfect place for the budget traveler.

Here is a list of ideas to help you save money while you’re on the road in Europe.

Search budget accommodation in Europe

Hostels of Europe

If you’re traveling alone in Europe and you’re on a budget, hostels are a fantastic money saving option. They are not just for young backpackers who like to party. In Europe, they have been built and designed for all types of travelers.

Europe on a budget
Generator hostel in Stockholm, Sweden.

Europe’s many hostels are diverse in what they offer. Some have private rooms which are more affordable and much more comfortable than sharing rooms.

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Camping in Europe

An even more budget friendly option than a hostel would be opting for camping in Europe.  You can choose from a large number of quality campsites across Europe. Europeans love to camp so many sites offer excellent facilities including cooking stations, showers and bathrooms.

Look out for cheap food in Europe

Cook on your own

If you are living in a camping site or hostel, then you will likely have a way to cook your own meals. One of the largest expenditures while traveling is food. So, to save on it, the best thing you should do is purchase fresh food from a local grocery and cook on your own. It will help you save a lot of your travel cash.

Dine like a local

Food is one of the costliest things when you traveling in Europe, so your best option while traveling on a budget is to avoid touristic places and eat like the locals. Such restaurants are just few blocks way. Just take a walk and find dining places that provide you with best deals.

Enjoy street food

Local street food is a fantastic money saving option. It is very common to find food tasty food stalls in Europe. So, you can just grab a pizza slice for a few euros and enjoy your time.

Book budget transportation in Europe

Walking Europe

It isn’t for everyone but if you love it, see Europe on your own two feet or on your bike. Cycling, hiking or walking is also a great way to explore Europe. Walking also gives you a deeper view of the city.

Cheap Airfare in Europe

Remember to book your airline tickets from beforehand. There are airlines that provide you with cheap deal who wish to explore the continents.

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Train travel in Europe

Booking a train to travel from city to city is an ideal way to see Europe on a tight budget. Check out the deals for various European rail passes. There are many passes available, from a single nation to multi places pass. It just depends on the type of trip you want to make.

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Photo courtesy of RailEurope

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