How to Get Around Europe on a Tight Budget

Here are some tips on how to get around Europe on a tight budget.

How to Get Around Europe on a Tight Budget

Apart from accommodation and food, it is the actual traveling part that eats up a major part of your budget. If you’re on a tight budget, then you need to make every move wisely. Here are some of tips that will help you explore the best of Europe, even on a limited funds.

Book new airline routes

New airline routes will be fairly cheaper in comparison to the established ones. They charge you a little less and that can help you achieve your ideal budget.

Go with low-cost airlines

Several airline companies in Europe are considered low-cost carriers.

There are some flights that make one or two stops and thus, have a lower price in comparison to the direct flights. So, considering low-cost airlines could help you a lot with your flight pricing.

Check out new offers given by airlines

Some airlines give you exclusive offers and discounts on flight tickets. Also check for credit card rewards. They can offer cost-effective ticket booking. There are some third-party sites that also provide you with similar offers.

Go for affordable and fast trains

Getting Euro train and Eurail passes is one of the most affordable ways to get around Europe. Trains offer a convenient way to see multiple locations in one go. Plus, tickets are cheap and routes can be pretty fast. There are several short distance trains and tube stations which can take you to the place you want to visit.

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Rent a car

If you’re traveling a group or with family, then renting a car could be your best pick to save money.

Splitting the cost of a car may be the most affordable option since it allows you to travel on your own schedule and you can make stops to see what you want to see, when you want to see it. You can rent a car in Europe according to kilometers or hours. In Europe, you can rent diesel cars which would mean spending less on fuel costs of up to eight percent.

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Go for an all-inclusive train

An all-inclusive train may cover most of your travel itinerary in Europe. It is a price effective, quick and exciting option. An all-inclusive train also provides you with food.

Book Affordable Accommodation

Apart from spending money on transportation, a large part of a travel budget is spent on accommodation.

Try to book hostels, apartments or hotel accommodations before the peak season. You can also gain discounts from your credit card. However, do not spend lavishly on your stay.

Consider booking your accommodation on the outskirts of a destination to avoid higher costs.

If you have entered credit card debt, then you should go for credit consolidation loans. It will help you get out of your debt quickly.

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