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Elegant Luxury on Spetses: Poseidonion Grand Hotel

The Poseidonion Grand Hotel is one of the most elegant Greek island stays I’ve experienced, a destination of history, hospitality and Greek gastronomy on stunning Spetses island.

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The Poseidonion Grand Hotel

Marry French Riviera style with the breezy beauty of Greek island life and you get the Poseidonion Grand Hotel experience.  Its stately façade on Dapia Port overlooks a spacious open square dedicated to Laskarina Bouboulina, the early 19th century Greek independence heroine, and a panoramic expanse of the Argolic Gulf.




Poseidonion Grand Hotel: Close to Athens

Spetses, reachable via ferry from Athens within two hours, is a quiet island that in a way has partly been defined by this hotel which is one of its most iconic landmarks.

Besides its glorious shipping history, Spetses is also regarded for its beauty. Think lush pine-clad landscapes and turquoise blue seas. The buzz of scooters and 4×4 buggies replaces the din of car traffic because not many cars are allowed.


The Rooms at the Poseidonion Grand Hotel

Built in the early 20th century by the wealthy Anargyros shipping family, some architectural details resemble the Carlton in Cannes and the Negresco in Nice. In 2009, a total refurbishment revealed a new era for the hotel.


The local Vordonis family reopened it with the same fine details: marble staircases, wood furniture and original English tiles.  Modern amenities fit in the new layout as the original architectural plan was kept in place.




I stayed in the historic wing which has a total of 38 rooms.  My suite featured a perfect bed by Coco-Mat, the  Greek luxury bedding company. The suite’s space balanced a smooth soft blend of whites and neutrals with high ceilings, flowing layered curtains and wood floors. Furniture pieces were a mix of modern and antique influenced.

My bathroom had a stand-up waterfall shower and O-LIVE premium Greek label toiletries.


The hotel also has two private access suites, the Royal Suite and the La Cupola Suite, both with panoramic views of the island.  Behind the historic wing, I had the opportunity to view the new annex which has 17 additional rooms.

Poseidonion Grand Hotel Spetses
Private access suite view


Facilities and Services

One great feature at the Poseidonion is its beautiful sparkling 17-meter lap pool lined with palm trees.

There is also a 300-meter spa pool which is in the spa annex where a menu of massages, facials and body treatments can be scheduled.

I loved the common spaces on the ground floor and found this to be quite atmospheric during my stay. It was a series of classic elegant living room spaces — a bit of a step back in time with the presence of baby grand piano and fine wood and marble tables, stately couches and chairs.  Notable Greek artwork  and sculpture enhanced the rooms as well.



Dining at the Poseidonion Grand Hotel

This luxury hotel goes beyond when it comes to the Greek gastronomy experience.

I found the breakfast to be top notch, served on the terrace and indoor dining room. It featured rich buffet offerings of fresh fruit, cakes, pastries, croissants, jams, breads and the like. The ala carte menu offered a great selection of eggs and pancakes.

Breakfast on the terrace


By evening we were On the Verandah, literally. That is the name of the Poseidonion’s main sea-view restaurant which takes over the dining balcony. It is the island’s gourmet dining destination. I had the pleasure of tasting the Greek influenced dishes by chef Stamatis Marmarinos.

The hotel also has a cocktail bar called Cocktails at the Palms and a Library Brasserie for coffee, snacks and contemporary dishes.

Here’s another way this hotel goes beyond in the gastronomy department. It sources organic ingredients from their own island farm called Bostani.  I took a tour of the farm and will be telling you about that in an upcoming post. Stay tuned.

The Conclusion: Where to Stay on Spetses Island

The Poseidonion is a special stay to experience on the Greek islands. It is a grand combination of history and beauty. The staff is extremely hospitable, offering comfortable and welcoming vibe. I didn’t have access to a scooter so the location was important and we got around just fine. You can read up on that in my earlier post: Biking to the Beaches of Spetses.

With a combination of excellent hospitality, great dishes, attention to detail and proud history, the Poseidonion Grand Hotel offers a stay unlike most in the whole of Greece.

Stay at the Poseidonion

Double rooms from €179 in low season; and from €355 in high season. Breakfast included. Free Wi-Fi.  This hotel is in demand. I suggest planning in advance. Check the best rates and availability by clicking here.

Dusk on Spetses island in September


Have you ever stayed at a historic hotel?

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  1. This hotel breakfast looks delicious. I’d like to visit the farm. What kind of local food is grown on this island?

    1. Yes, the breakfast was really impressive. The farm is really scenic. They showed us a lot of different types of veggies and fruit that typically grows in the warm climate there. I remember eggplants, peppers and the like. They also had chickens there! Eggs at breakfast were delicious because they came straight from the farm.

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