Explore Beach Resorts With TripinView

Explore Mediterranean beach resorts and stunning coastlines — from above — with TripinView. Its the only visual travel website that helps you with vacation research.

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Fly Over Beach Resorts with TripinView

TripinView is a brand new travel website that manages to be both useful and stunning.

Europe owns a stretch of amazing and diverse coastline.  Countless Mediterranean beach resorts, fortress towns and atmospheric villages dot this part of the world.  TripinView has done the work of filming it all from above. The company has geo-tagged aerial photos and video to present the seaside destinations people love to visit.

TripinView Greece

A Greek start-up is behind the ambitious and complex project. Achilles Chatzinikos, co-founder and manager of Geotag-Aeroview, presented the work, time, effort and cost it took to make TripinView a reality.  At a recent press conference held at an Athens movie theater, Chatzinikos said their team compiled more than 300 hours of high-definition video. They also shot 800,000 high-definition photos of the coastline.  All visuals were shot from a helicopter.

Currently, TripinView documents 40,000 kilometers of the Mediterranean coastline from Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Malta, Monaco and Turkey.  Chatzinikos said they plan to expand. Eventually, the site would include beach resorts and coastlines from other parts of the world. Another future phase would add in holiday hot spots beyond coastlines.

Travel Inspiration and New Perspectives

Watching the company’s presentation inspired me to travel to destinations I never even heard about in Europe.  As for Greece, it was fantastic to see another perspective on destinations I had visited.  I felt like I was soaring over turquoise ringed coastlines, idyllic beach resorts, ancient Greek temples and Venetian castles.

How Can TripinView Help You Travel?

So, what do you get from visiting this new travel platform?

  • Inspiration

The video is quality. The pictures are stunning. The images make you explore!  Plus, each destination has a profile so users can learn more about places.

  • Better Travel Research  

Aerial visuals enable you to truly grab a true understanding of the area, unlike what some hotel photos or touristic websites present. Your research on a location becomes that much easier. Visually, you can find out the things about a destination that matter to you: beach texture, marina size, village architecture, etc. You can understand if the beach resorts you are considering are really “just a few steps” from the beach as the businesses claim.

  • Build a Dream Trip

The TripinView website allows users to also build their own trip based on their vacation style: cosmopolitan, beach resorts, romantic, family, adventurous, nautical and many more. Here’s a tutorial on how it works.

So, whether you are a dreamer or a traveler, TripinView is a place to be inspired and choose from many Mediterranean beach resorts that fit the experience you seek. The site features 350 plus Mediterranean coastline destinations.  I highly recommend you check it out for yourself at www.tripinview.com.

Have you been to any Mediterranean beach resorts or coastline destinations in Europe?



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