Traveling to Greece on a Budget

With whitewashed architecture atop its hills and sparkling azure seas, Greece is the definition of picture-perfect, but like any other holiday hot spots, the one thing that many travelers are concerned with is the cash they’ll need to fund their dream trip. If you’re thinking of vacationing in Greece in the near future, here are a few tips to cut down on expenses.

Greece is full of beautiful public access beaches


Tips for Traveling to Greece on a Budget

Explore the off beaten paths

I always tell my friends that Greece is really a bargain to visit when compared with other popular European destinations. So far, I haven’t had any disagreements about it!

A Greek island beach scene


So, given the fact that Greece is already quite cheap to begin with, imagine what costs you can cut when you travel to the lesser touristed areas of the country. One good example outlined on Lonely Planet is the breathtaking island of Tinos, not too far off from the often visited Mykonos.

On Tinos, you can soak in the beauty of the terraced hillside and sample their delectable cuisine for as little as €10 to €14 per meal, which incorporate local ingredients like cheese and sausages, as well as fresh catches from the sea.

While exploring these less-visited destinations in Greece, you’ll always find something special to do that doesn’t require much cash at all. Since we’re talking about Tinos, while I was there I stumbled upon the marbled village of Pyrgos.  A whole afternoon can be spent just wandering its charming cobbled streets and admiring its marble doorways and statues.  Check out my earlier post about that experience here.

Pyrgos village in Tinos is a beautiful place to explore — for free!


Take advantage of Airbnb

Second to the airfare, lodging is going to be one of your biggest expenses. Once you avoid the hotels and search for vacation rentals through Airbnb, you’ll find a massive selection of bargain accommodations, even in top islands like Santorini.

Check out my view from one of my visits to Santorini. I opted for a beautiful and traditional cave house — booked through Airbnb.

A view from my Airbnb stay in Santorini in 2012


Book overnight ferries for travel in between islands

One of the best money saving tips when traveling in a new country is riding the bus or train overnight in between destinations, as it saves you a night of accommodation. If you plan on island hopping in Greece, take the ferry at night. Overnight ferries can save you up to half of the daytime prices.

Don’t rent a car. Rent a moped instead!

Backpackers have founds car rentals to be extremely helpful in saving transportation costs, but a moped will do you one better. Check out neighboring towns and cities on a moped for around €14 a day.  On the islands especially, riding a moped or scooter is a great and fun way to get the beaches, find parking easily and enjoy the summer weather.  Just be safe!

Read the fine print before buying a ticket from a budget airline

Although a ticket from budget airline will always be cheaper than a discounted fare from a major carrier, it’s important that you read the terms and conditions from the budget airline so you know exactly what you’re paying for. Parking4Less says that some carriers have even excluded Airport Tax from the quoted price, so it’s vital that you read the fine print in order to avoid any hidden charges.


Have you traveled to Greece on a budget?  What did you find helped to cut on costs?

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  2. I liked that you had mentioned that it can be really helpful to rent a moped because it’s a lot cheaper to travel around the cities and a lot more helpful. My wife and I have been wanting to travel to Greece for a while now but we haven’t really had the chance to up until now. I’ll have to start looking into renting a moped and other things with the trip since we do like traveling in luxury.

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