Top 10 Greek Islands to Visit

There are hundreds of Greek islands to visit.  Out of the 6,000 islands, there are 220 inhabited ones.  Dozens of those stand out as “must see” destinations.  My guest post on the top 10 Greek islands to visit is now live to help you decide.

Top 10 Greek Islands to Visit Now

You can find my guest blog post on the awesome travel site David’s Been Here.  Here are a few photos that went along the article to give you an idea of what I experienced when I traveled to them.


Mykonos island’s famous windmills


The Greek islands are a true gem of the country and a must see for any visitor.  Some are quite close to the major cities of Athens and Thessaloniki.

So Many Island Beaches

Greece boasts the longest coastline in Europe and a sizable chunk of it comes from the islands. In fact, the islands take up 7,500 kilometers of the 16,000 kilometer long coastline.  One great feature of those islands coastlines?  The beaches. There are so many great beaches.  I really haven’t met a Greek island beach I didn’t like!

Serifos island’s Psili Ammos beach


Shipwreck beach in Zakynthos


Consider Two Greek Seas

Greece has two main seas: the Aegean and the Ionian Sea. Then in each part of the sea, the Greek islands are divided into smaller groups.  On my list I’ve included islands from the Ionian, Cyclades, Dodecanese and Saronic.


santorini sunset


I have been living in Greece for almost seven years and during that time I have visited more than 20 islands both to cover as a travel writer/blogger or just for holidays.  I frequent Serifos the most. It is my favorite.

serifos island view


The Island Differences

In my experience, the islands do have general similarities within each island chain including gastronomy and architecture. However, each island I’ve been to also shows off its own distinct character, no matter how close it is to the next. That is what makes it so fun for me to travel the islands and learn, blog, write or report about them.

Oh, there are more islands to discover.  I’d love to explore Crete, the country’s largest island, one day.

Have you been to any of the islands on from my guest post about the Top 10 Greek Islands You Should Visit?   Which is your favorite island?

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