Quiet, simple Tinos is a perfect nature retreat.  The island is home to the famous Holy Church of Panagia Evaggelistria which is said to be responsible for granting so many miracles.  That’s one reason the island a destination for thousands of Greek pilgrims several times a year.  The marbled village of Pyrgos is a unique town to discover  – everything marble!

Photo Tour: Tinos Island

Tinos island is a quietest beauty in the Cyclades, still unknown to most international tourists. This photo tour takes you to its lovely villages, gigantic birdhouses, pretty beaches and a church of miracles. Here’s what I discovered…

Cycladic Island Birdhouses of Tinos

The Cycladic island birdhouses caught my eye. I didn’t even know they were birdhouses at first, until I asked. They looked like actual houses. I was about to learn about the impressive bird dwellings of Tinos island.

A Church of Miracles on Tinos

A red carpet leads to a special place in Tinos: a church of miracles. Traveling around Europe you can’t help but visit some magnificent churches; all memorable in their grandeur, history and their standing as a destination’s landmark. Upon visiting the quiet Cycladic island of Tinos I was impressed by a church associated with the miracles of life.

Pyrgos: A Marble Village on Tinos

Step into Pyrgos, the unique marble village in Tinos, and you’ll find yourself walking through a world of marble.

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