This section of My Greece, My Travels focuses on European travel. Maybe one day, I’ll have touched down in all of the countries!  Well, there are many – so, that’s a big goal.  The countries listed are the countries I have visited since I started my blog.

I absolutely love traveling in Europe. Every country is so diverse. The continent is an interesting confluence and convergence of cultures, ideal to discover for history nerds like me. There are so many languages… I wish I knew them all.

In my European travels as a travel writer, I’ve experienced wonderful beaches, historical architecture, lovely wines and hospitable people.  I look forward to not only discovering more of the culinary delights of Europe but continuing to explore all of those cobbled towns, gigantic towering castles and walled cities. I’ll be sure to pick up a few helpful foreign phrases along the way…

12 Best Things To Do In Valencia

Spain’s third largest city, situated half-way down the country’s Mediterranean coast, receives 300 days of sunshine a year. That in itself is enough to draw many people to this bustling city, but Valencia offers much much more. It’s a centre of creativity, with an incredible food and drink scene, buzzing nightlife, stunning architecture and a […]

14 Best Things To Do In Lugano

Lugano is the jewel in the crown of the Italian speaking part of Switzerland, called Ticino. The impressive historic town sits at the northern end of the stunning Lago di Lugano, one of the most beautiful lakes in the country, which also shares a border with its southern neighbour. Lugano draws the rich and famous […]

21 Best Things To Do In Zurich

Zurich is Switzerland’s most populous city, situated in the north of the country.  It’s a world financial hub, set alongside the shores of the stunning Lake Zurich and surrounded by hills and mountains.  It’s an active city, where people embrace nature and spend time amongst it. It has a beautiful historic heart, with high end […]

Best Areas To Stay In Copenhagen

Copenhagen is one of the most stylish and laid-back capital cities in Europe and there are many reasons why it’s often called the happiest place on earth.  If you spend time in the city it’s easy to see why. It has an incredibly vibrant food and drink scene, stunning public spaces, bags of history and […]

The Best Things To Do In Nørrebro

Nørrebro has a unique vibe, which is hard to find anywhere else on earth.  The neighbourhood in the north of Copenhagen is a laid back, liberal, creative and multi-cultural area, which has a pace of life that makes you smile.  It’s been called the coolest neighbourhood on earth by Time Magazine and with good reason. […]

15 Best Things To Do In Kreuzberg

Berlin’s Kreuzberg, in the south-east of the city, is often coined as one of the world’s coolest neighbourhoods. A strong-hold of left-wing politics and the anti-establishment movement, and a hub for punks, hipsters, the LGBT+ community, creatives, graffiti artists and techno fans. The area is still home to a number of large squats, has many […]

What to do in Amsterdam in December

Amsterdam is a picturesque city well worth exploring any time of the year, but particularly in December. But how is Amsterdam in December in terms of weather and activities? The beauty about Amsterdam in December is that you never have to look far to find your next attraction. The Christmas tree on Dam Square is […]

2-Day Itinerary to Chernivtsi

Chernivtsi along with Lviv is considered the cultural center of Western Ukraine. Because of its beautiful architecture, it is often called ‘Little Vienna’ or ‘Little Paris’. ‘Chernivtsi’ comes from the word ‘chornyi’, which means black. During the middle ages, there was a fortress on the territory of modern Chernivtsi. It was built from the black […]

Top 10 Things to Do in Odessa

Odessa is a beautiful city in southern Ukraine located near the Black Sea. It is often called ‘the Pearl Near the Sea’. Odessa is the third biggest city in Ukraine. It’s the city of cheerful and ardent people with an excellent sense of humor. There’s a theory that Odessa could endure that much of historical […]

What to Do in Berlin in 3 Days

Berlin is a city of rich past, vibrant present and exciting future. It’s one of the freest cites that you can find. This freedom can be felt in everything – in what people do, how they behave and how they look. Cathedrals, parties, businesses, hipsters, artists, concerts and tons of beer are just several things […]

The Lure of Carpathian Mountains: Top 10 Reasons to See Mysterious Mountains of Western Ukraine

Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains are one of the wonders of this beautiful country. Mysterious peaks and wide ridges divided by lengthwise hollows and delineated with deep picturesque valleys stretch from the north-east to the south-west of Ukraine. Being home to rich folklore and countless legends, today the Carpathian Mountains offer ski resorts during the winter and […]

5 Guides in 1: The Ultimate Guide to Lviv City

If you love the feeling of old European cities such as Krakow in Poland or Prague in the Czech Republic, you will certainly like Lviv. Narrow streets paved with stones, the smell of delicious coffee, majestic gothic cathedrals and old buildings whose walls keep the secrets of the long-forgotten past. Lviv is romantic, yet mysterious. […]

What to Do In Tallinn in One Day

Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia and just 70km south of Helsinki, is an awesome holiday destination. It offers a  heady mix of adventure, nightlife and rich culture  which all combine to create an exhilarating atmosphere.  Read on to discover what you can do in Tallinn in one day. What to Do in Tallinn in [...]

5 Best Places For A European Summer Getaway

Summer is upon us and it is high time that we make the plans, pack our bags, hop on a plane, and stock up Instagram-worthy photos. If you are tired of the usual tropical paradise, then maybe it's time to experience a European dream escape. Visited by more than 538 international tourists every year, this [...]

Newest 4-Day Itinerary to Kyiv City

According to most historians, Kyiv was founded in 482 AD, which makes it one of the oldest Eastern European cities. It derives its name from Kyi, who is considered one of its four legendary founders. Being more than 1500 years old, it successfully combines its ancient history with a vibrant lifestyle of modern megalopolises. Almost [...]

Spain’s Most Fantasized Locations You Should Check Out 

Europe is the dream, isn’t it? Maybe not for Europeans but for all those who have not been there. People all around the world would confess their desire to see the lovely streets of Paris, Barcelona, Rome, London, Vatican City, Athens, Ibiza,and countless other locations so much. 

5 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Southern Italy

Here’s a peek at my top choices for the most beautiful places to visit in southern Italy.

Explore the Isle of Wight: Family Holiday Destination

England’s Isle of Wight has been gaining popularity as the ideal family holiday destination thanks to these fun things to do.

Best Street Art Cities of Europe

Urban travel reaches new artistic heights when exploring the best street art cities of Europe.

7 of the Best Hidden Treasures in Europe

Europe is home to beautiful and diverse destinations – but too often travelers stick to the same old. Consider heading off the beaten track and discovering somewhere new with these 7 hidden treasures.

Fine Dining in Bergamo: Baretto di San Vigilio  

For the best fine dining in Bergamo, head to the Citta Alta where Baretto di San Vigilio’s outdoor veranda is a memorable setting for local cuisine.

Stay in an Italian Castle: Palazzo Castiglioni

Palazzo Castiglioni, an Italian castle lovingly converted into luxury suites, combines regional noble history and Mantova’s charming landscape into a relaxing stay.

Artsy Things to Do in Paris

Paris is one of the world’s art capitals where every form of artistic expression can be sought out and appreciated. Here’s a look at some of the artsy things to do in Paris.

Gelato Making Class: Carpigiani Gelato University

Fancy taking a gelato making class in Italy? Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna is where artisan gelato is made with love, care and skill.

15 Things I Learned in Bologna in 5 Days

One of the things I learned in Bologna is that it’s a city with many fascinating identities. Spend some time in this corner of northern Italy and you’ll understand why.

12 Things to Do in Nicosia: The Last Divided Capital

The best things to do in Nicosia touch on Cyprus’ rich culture, gastronomy and history. It’s a unique Mediterranean city break to add to your bucket list. Here’s why.

8 Reasons to Visit Provence

Visit Provence for a holiday that merges small town tranquility, amazing cuisine and breathtaking vistas.

10 Things I Learned in Malta in 4 Days

I learned in Malta that English, Italian, Arabic, Mediterranean and African cultures are the core of a fascinating culture and way of life. Here’s what I discovered in four days…

5 Things You Must Do in the United Kingdom on a Vacation

The United Kingdom is blessed with all forms of natural and man-made beauty. Here’s a post dedicated to the most amazing things you can do while on vacation in the UK.

Stockholm Archipelago: Things to Do on Sandhamn Island

The top things to do on Sandhamn island revolve around enjoying the beauty of the Stockholm archipelago.

Dining with a View: Ting Restaurant at the Shard

The Ting Restaurant at the Shard combines elegant Chinoiserie design, a panoramic view of London and a menu of diverse tastes.

Layover in Dublin: What to See in a Few Hours

Layover in Dublin? It’s easy to break free from the airport and explore the city center. Here’s what you can see in just a few hours.

More than Dracula: Bran Castle, Peles Castle and Brasov Tour

Delve into the dark inspiration surrounding Dracula and Bran Castle, tour the golden rooms at Peles Castle and stroll baroque Brasov all in one day.

Eating London East End Food Tour

The East End Food Tour introduced us to the diverse meals that own a storied history in one of London’s most fascinating districts.

15 Things I Learned in Bucharest in 5 Days

Exploring Bucharest unravels the contrasts that define its charm. Amidst the snow, it became clear why the Romanian capital is one of Europe’s most up-and-coming city breaks.

The London Eye Experience

The London Eye experience isn’t like riding a classic Ferris wheel ride. These fancy – constantly turning – capsules rotate you into the skies above London. It’s a must do!

The London Pass Review: Is It Worth It?

City sightseeing passes, such as the London Pass, can be a great option to save money and see the best attractions. Here’s my review of the London Pass to help you decide if it’s for you.

Blue Badge Guide Tour: The City of London

Look beyond the financial heart that is The City of London and experience a district rich with ancient history, fantastic architecture and defined local culture.

Andaz London Liverpool: Railway History, Street Art Luxury

The Andaz London Liverpool is an original London railway hotel where history melds with fantastic street art and modern luxury.

Fashionable Afternoon Tea in London: The Berkeley’s Prêt-à-Portea

The Berkeley’s Prêt-à-Portea afternoon tea in London is beautifully inspired by the themes, designs and colors of high fashion.

Succulent Paris Food Tour: 17th Arrondissement

Succulent Paris took us on an authentic neighborhood food tour through the 17th arrondissement, the perfect stage for a food lover’s journey in Paris.

Airport Transfer in London: Blacklane Chauffeur Services

Seeking a professional, efficient airport transfer in London, I came upon Blacklane. Here’s why I recommend their chauffeur services for your next trip.

Sky High Visit: The Shard in London

If you want to see all of London at an incredible height, visit the Shard in London — a towering spiral of glass open to the elements.

Sexy Chocolate Tour in Paris

After completing the Sexy Chocolate Tour in Paris, I have never looked at or tasted chocolate in the same way again.

Michelin-Starred Dining in Paris: Jacques Faussat-La Braisière

Jacques Faussat-La Braisière is a top Michelin-starred dining experience in Paris that gets you in touch with Chef Faussat himself.

Stockholm Archipelago: Things to Do on Utö Island

Travel to Utö to discover one of the loveliest islands on the Stockholm archipelago, a nature lover’s getaway known for males, mines, berries and just enough goats. Here are the top things to do on Utö…

Blue Bike Tours: Bicycling in Paris

Bicycling in Paris, I took in the sights of the City of Light pedaling a bright baby blue bike named Asterix. Here’s what I discovered with Blue Bike Tours Paris leading the way…

13 Things I Learned in Paris in 7 Days

Paris is the perfect European city break that offers so much to foodies, art lovers, culture lovers and lovers — a capital that is stunning and exciting all at once. Here are the 13 things I learned in Paris in 7 days…

Sandhamn Yacht Hotel: Stockholm Archipelago Luxury

Centrally located on Sandön island, the Sandhamn Yacht Hotel is the luxury getaway for style, fine cuisine and relaxation.

Rooftop Hiking in Stockholm

Rooftop hiking in Stockholm was one of the most unique urban adventures I have experienced in my travels across Europe. It all started with a bit of balance and tightly fitted safety harness…

5 Underrated Party Venues in Europe

Some European cities are famous for their nightlife scene while others are still a bit of a secret. Here’s a look at some underrated party destinations that may have not been on your city break radar.

Stockholm Food Tour: Culinary Södermalm

From sampling Swedish blood pudding, sipping Greek retsina to craving more smoked shrimp, this Stockholm food tour introduced me to a district that easily proved the Swedish capital is a modern culinary mecca of cultures and cuisines.

10 Things I Learned in Stockholm in 7 Days

Traveling around Stockholm, I learned I could hike rooftops, island hop and easily get lost in a crowd of tall, blonde beauties. Here’s more on what I uncovered exploring the Swedish capital.

Local Dishes & Desserts: What to Eat in Bergamo

Here’s a rundown of what to eat in Bergamo, a city known for its delightful northern Italian dishes.

One Weekend in Brussels

During a recent weekend in Brussels, I took it easy. I followed advice from a local about what to do during my few short days in the capital given the unexpected anxiety that was thick in the air.

The Off-the-Beaten-Path Warsaw Tour

How about exploring the capital of Poland in a bright blue Communist era Nysa van? I was game. With an Adventure Warsaw tour guide at the wheel, I discovered that Warsaw was a city that can tell you its own story – only if you know where to look. Check out my full blog post about this fascinating and up-and-coming destination that is full of history…

Gourmet Dining in Warsaw: La Rotisserie

One of the best options for gourmet dining in Warsaw is easily La Rotisserie. The restaurant continues to be the standout candidate deserving of Michelin recognition. Its culinary history – a mix of European culinary influences that meld with Polish tradition – offered a distinct gastronomic experience set at the edge of Warsaw’s old town district. Read more of my review that impressed the senses…

Photo Tour: Warsaw Old Town

War almost completely destroyed Warsaw Old Town, one of Europe’s most beautiful corners. It was hard to believe that the charming old world city before me was rebuilt from the ground up, a successful reconstruction that brought historic beauty back to its buildings, squares, historic forts and thick defensive walls.

Rialto Hotel Warsaw: Art Deco Luxury

Details. The luxury boutique experience at the Rialto Hotel Warsaw can be truly appreciated when you consider the details.  For me, it started with a key.

Bergamo Day Trips: Italy’s Lombardy Region

There are many Bergamo day trips that uncover the charms of the Lombardy region. Some of the best places to visit are less than an hour drive away.

Casa Mario Lupo: Bed and Breakfast in Bergamo

The shiny name plate on my door was a good sign. It read:  Atena e Zeus. I had just flown in from Athens, Greece and arrived at my bed and breakfast in Bergamo, Italy where apparently the Greek gods inspired the Italian owner! I’d find out why soon enough. Traditional B&Bs lined Bergamo’s old town, […]

Citta Bassa: Bergamo Lower Town Highlights

After discovering the upper town, my tale of two cities continued in the heart of Bergamo’s Citta Bassa — the Lower Town.

Citta Alta: Bergamo Upper Town’s Old World Europe

Bergamo is a tale of two towns. 

24 Hours in Budva Town

We had 24 hours in Budva town, one of the the most famous beach towns on the Montenegrin coast.   What to do?!

Herceg Novi on Montenegro’s Coast

The simple, slightly curvy, sea-facing road that fronts Herceg Novi is unassuming.  If you don’t pay attention, you can easily drive right out from the vicinity of its fantastic old town that looks down on the sparkling Montenegrin coast.  

Sveti Stefan: Pink Beach & Perfect View

Sveti Stefan’s pink beach contrasted so smoothly against the rich blues of the Adriatic Sea.  It was easy to see why kings and queens once made the area their home. On our road trip across Montenegro, just the opportunity to view the beautiful islet was definitely a ‘wow’ moment.

The Game of Thrones Tour Dubrovnik

Littlefinger. Cersai. Daenerys. What the hell were those — people? Kings Landing. Where was that?  Apparently, it was where I was standing in the rain.  I was on a Game of Thrones Tour Dubrovnik without ever having watched an episode in my life.

How to Spend a Rainy Day in Kotor Bay

In the short time we learned how to spend a rainy day in Kotor Bay.

Hotel Hemera: Where to Stay in Podgorica

Wondering where to stay in Podgorica? If you’re looking for stylish boutique option, Hotel Hemera delivers. Here’s why…

Top Things to Do in Podgorica

Here’s a list of the top things to do in Podgorica, Montenegro’s charming little capital.

Bari’s Castello Normanno-Svevo

Castello Normanno-Svevo was the place of royal parties in its heyday.  

Herculaneum “The Other Pompeii”

Overshadowed by neighboring Pompeii, the ancient Roman seaside town of Herculaneum tells another story as “the other Pompeii.”

Pompeii:  Mansions, Graffiti, Bars and Brothels

Wandering through Pompeii’s ghostly ruins  triggered my imagination.  What remained of Roman columns, cobbled streets and stone buildings – weathered by time -were clearly once part of a thriving and beautiful city.  

Bari’s Safe Old Town Charm

On a small headland that reaches out into the Adriatic Sea, south of where Bari’s port docks ferries and cruise ships that sail between Mediterranean destinations, sits the Barivecchia. 

Fine Dining: La Dégustation Bohême Bourgeoise

La Dégustation Bohême Bourgeoise may be a French name for a restaurant, but it’s a Czech restaurant in lovely Prague. It’s also a famous one at that thanks to its Michelin star. Reading about it before my trip, had me planning a night out to sample the cuisine inspired by traditional and modern concepts.

Top Things to Do in Polignano a Mare

Perched on the edge of a craggy ravine on southern Italy’s coast, you’ll find the incredibly scenic village called Polignano a Mare.

Photo Tour: Prague Castle

On a chilly, grey and moody winter day, the sprawl of Prague, as I viewed it from the domineering Prague Castle, seemed to be from another world, era or from a dream. It was that beautiful.

10 Things I Learned in Prague in 5 Days

In Prague, you can feel like you are part of fairy tale with such classic, elegant and storied structures surrounding you. There’s more to the Czech Republic’s capital than its pretty city center. From good pho to impressive puppets, here are 10 things I learned in Prague in five days.

Alberobello: Among the Trulli

Alberobello’s small lanes are lined with cone shaped homes. It’s an eye-catching southern Italian village that will have you wondering how and why such structures were built.

Things To Do in Novi Sad: Serbia’s “Athens”

Here’s a list of some of the top things to do in Novi Sad, Serbia’s second largest city and an easy day trip from Belgrade.

Sassi Cave Stay in Matera

A Sassi cave stay is a traditional experience you can only have in Matera, an ancient southern Italian city built into a rocky plateau.

Visit Matera: A Cave City Reborn

Visit Matera and you will feel like you’ve been transported back to biblical times. This atmospheric cave town, carved into a canyon, sits on a chalky plateau – a place that is quickly surging as a destination to experience.

Belgrade Nightlife: Serbian Style

Belgrade nightlife is one of the major “it” things about Serbia. The White City is famous for being one of the best places to let loose in Europe.

Best View of Belgrade: Kalemegdan Fortress

The best view of Belgrade can be found walking the storied stone walls of Kalemegdan Fortress.

Belgrade: 15 Things I Learned in 30 Days

After one month of living in Belgrade, I learned so much about Serbia’s proud and culturally rich capital.

in barcelona: style on tour

Barcelona has got style. Lots of it. I discovered that fact as I made my way down the streets of the city’s historic districts writing a feature story about some serious personal shopping tours.

a late night out in madrid

In one smooth sweeping motion, the bartender knocks down an archaic Pilsner tap over a tall frosty glass, delicately lifts up a small white dish and promptly delivers both food and drink squarely in front me, before she scurries off yelping rapidly in Spanish. Perfecto. My night out in Madrid officially starts the way locals start […]

in fuerteventura: the fortune of fuerteventura

I love the island’s name: Fuerteventura.  Like other fantastic Spanish words it just rolls of your tongue. For me, the word is simply fun to say.

The Impressively Unfinished St. Sava Cathedral

Belgrade’s St. Sava Cathedral is the city’s monumental landmark, yet it remains unfinished. Here’s why…

The Colors of La Sagrada Familia

The colors of La Sagrada Familia took me by surprise convincing me even more just how amazing this cathedral in Barcelona really is.

sant jordi day: love and books

Stroll the streets of Barcelona on Sant Jordi Day and you’ll be bombarded with the  sight of two wonderful things in this world: books and roses.   I happened to be in Barcelona for what must be one of the loveliest festivals in the world.

in budapest: the széchenyi baths

“We’re going out there?” I asked in disbelief. I looked around for a secret door that would lead to a different spa area – particularly one that was indoors. There they were in plain sight, three round (but gorgeous) pools of steaming water set in the middle of a grand courtyard. The idea of approaching […]

Meze in Cyprus: 30 Delicious Little Plates

Experiencing meze in Cyprus is a must experience for anyone visiting this corner of the world. Here’s why…

Agia Napa Nightlife: Clubs, Pubs and Karaoke

The Velvet Lips hired a black neon robot who pointed his gloved finger at the crowd. With the other hand he aimed his laser gun out, ordering clubbers into his club. Or else.  My welcome moment to Agia Napa nightlife.

The Lace of Lefkara

During my visit to Cyprus, I discovered the lace of Lefkara. The peaceful inland village has made quite a name for itself for its lace embroidery which is called lefkaritika, in Greek.

Weekend in Milan: Day One Itinerary

During a weekend in Milan you get a sense of the northern Italian city’s vibe, an exciting place for fashion, style and industry. On day one we found ourselves on the most fashionable street in the world, a sky high cathedral and in the heart of a buzzing nightlife district.

Stumbling into Milan Nightlife: Open-Air Party

We experienced Milan nightlife without one fancy club or trendy bar. In the design and fashion capital of the world, we somehow stumbled into the thick of a lively open air outdoor party flanked in front of a historic church.

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