Syros is simply elegant. It is an island that amassed incredible wealth in the past and the feeling of its sophistication remains. Marbled roads and squares, beautiful neoclassical architecture and stylish design details make this island shine. It is home to the Apollo Opera, a beautiful building modeled after La Scala in Italy. The island is unique in culture due to the fact two religions continue to co-exist here: Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox.  I had one of the best meal experiences in Syros at the beachside restaurant called Allou Gialou. Amazing.

Photo Tour: Syros Island

I found Syros island to be quite unique in comparison to its sister Cycladic isles. I was most impressed by its history which has contributed to its outright elegance today.  Here’s my photo tour and some facts about this beautiful island.

Syrou Melathron Hotel

Syros is simply elegant.  My stay at the Syrou Melathron hotel helped me come to that conclusion.

Top Things to Do in Ermoupoli

The top things to do in Ermoupoli expose you to the elegance the capital of Syros island is known for. Here’s a rundown of what to do in “the city of Hermes.”

Allou Yiallou: A Great Restaurant in Syros

Allou Yialou was a memorable Greek gastronomy experience. It was by far one of the best restaurants on Syros, where there is a lot of  competition. Here’s why I loved it so much.

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