I snapped one of my favorite Greece travel photos of all time in Sifnos. I was approaching the Church of the Seven Martyrs and I’ll never forget that moment!  Explore the great towns that are full of energy in the summer. Sifnos has many great restaurants and taverns to choose from.

Photo Tour: Sifnos

Sifnos is a lovely off-the-beaten-track destination in the west Cyclades full of its own sophisticated charm.  Here’s a photo tour post to give you ideas on what to do in Sifnos.

The Castro of Sifnos

I was warned I’d fall in love with the castro of Sifnos — for reasons I would discover. My experience there ended up being one of the loveliest and most memorable evening strolls I have ever experienced on a Greek island.

Photo Feature: Church of the Seven Martyrs

I am thrilled to say one of my favorite photos that I ever took just won a photography award from Light and Composition Magazine.

Nightlife on Sifnos Island

Nightlife on Sifnos was surprisingly happening!  I learned pretty quickly that Sifnos may be a little island but it has a lot of style. That style definitely shone at night.

The Best Beaches of Sifnos

The best beaches of Sifnos were lovely to spend time at this summer.  Here’s a rundown about where you should go if you find yourself looking for a beach on this lovely, sophisticated little Cycladic island.

in sifnos: church of the seven martyrs

I couldn’t take my eyes off this little chapel.  It definitely had something to do with its location.  It sat lonely on the edge of a rocky peninsula, built on a rock and surrounded by the gorgeous blue of the Greek sea.  I looked at it from high above as I neared the ancient hilltop […]

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