Saronic Islands

The Saronic islands are closest to Athens.  If you just have a day to spare, a day trip to Hydra is a great way to get a feel of Greek island life. These isles are reachable within an hour or so. There’s also a day cruise that stops at three of the islands including lunch on the boat.

Relaxing Stay on Aegina Island: Rastoni Hotel

For a relaxing stay on Aegina island, the Rastoni hotel delivers. It all starts with its name.

Best Things to Do on Aegina Island

Check out the best things to do on Aegina, a charming Saronic island that’s just an hour away from Athens.

Elegant Luxury on Spetses: Poseidonion Grand Hotel

The Poseidonion Grand Hotel is one of the most elegant Greek island stays I’ve experienced, a destination of history, hospitality and Greek gastronomy on stunning Spetses island.

New Aegli Beach Hotel on Poros: Sea View Beauty

The best beach hotel on Poros, the New Aegli, is steps from a stunning Blue Flag beach — a budget, four-star stay with panoramic views and a friendly atmosphere.

Biking to the Beaches of Spetses

Biking on Spetses turned out to be the most scenic, fun and exhilarating way I have ever reached a Greek island beach. Here’s why…

Day Trip to Salamina Island: Closest Island to Athens

A day trip to Salamina island is an easy and beautiful getaway from Athens. A 15-minute ferry and one euro will get you there. Here are the highlights…

Poros Island: Top Things to Do

On Poros island, many of the top things to do can be done in one day.  The Saronic island is just an hour boat ride from Athens. 

Hydra Island Photos

Here’s a small collection of some Hydra island photos I have taken during my last visits.  The small Saronic isle, just a stone’s throw away from Athens, is one of the loveliest getaways in Greece.

Best Beaches of Agistri

The best beaches in Agistri are beautiful island beaches that are easily reachable – just an hour away via ferry – from Athens.

Sailing to Hydra

Sailing to Hydra on a friend’s yacht (lucky me) was a wonderful unexpected weekend experience.

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