One of the most turquoise beaches, called Prassa, really impressed me when I visited this small off-the-beaten-path island.  Highlights include its main town where you can literally explore its incredibly historic ruins. The windmills built on a scenic hill and its charming fishing villages.

Top Things to Do on Kimolos Island

Kimolos is a mostly unknown but beautiful destination that offers a glimpse into authentic island life. Here are the top things to do on Kimolos island…

Photo Feature: A Fishing Village in Kimolos

This photo feature takes us to Kimolos, where I stumbled upon a charming little fishing village.

The Chorio of Kimolos

In the Chorio of Kimolos, ruins were scattered about among quiet stone paths. Walking among them was just part of the experience exploring this Greek island untouched by tourism.

The Abandoned Windmills of Kimolos

Visiting the abandoned windmills of Kimolos offered a glimpse of an industry that once was.

Goupa Fishing Village on Kimolos

Visit Goupa fishing village on Kimolos to experience an authentic slice of island life in the Cyclades.

Kimolos: The Chalk Island

Kimolos is a chalk island.  It produces it and that very fact contributes to its beach beauty, uniqueness and its name.

Best Beaches of Kimolos Island

        The best beaches of Kimolos island were empty when I came for a visit.  I had them all to myself!

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