Kea or Tzia is just an hour away from the Port of Lavrio via ferry making it a popular summer weekend escape for Athenians.  It has some beautiful beaches, ancient sites, hiking trails and fantastic eateries.  The main town called Ioulis, sits at its very center, tucked between sloping green hills.  Its cobbled streets, arched passages, shops and squares add to its quaint atmosphere.

Lagoudera Taverna on Kea Island

Lagoudera Taverna on Kea is the locals’ choice for traditional home cooked Greek dishes. Plus, it has a great story of starry-eyed inspiration behind its name.

Top Things to Do on Kea Island

A quick ferry ride from Athens takes you right to Kea island, a popular weekend escape from the Greek capital.  Here’s a rundown of the top things to do on Kea island.

Aristos Taverna on Kea Island

At Aristos Taverna on Kea, Mr. Kostas wanted us to try his lobster pasta. However,  the fishermen of the island didn’t haul in any during our stay.  Instead, we got a taste of Kostas’ other seafood dishes and it was the best.

Kea Boat Tour: Secluded Beaches, Ancient Cities

Our Kea boat tour took off.  The view of Vourkari docks shrunk behind us as we looked forward to secluded swimming spots, an ancient city and a refreshing ride around the Cycladic island.

Red Tractor Farm Guesthouse on Kea

At the Red Tractor Farm guesthouse, there was a red tractor. In fact, there were two.

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