Eat & Drink

Athens is has a great restaurant scene.  From fast food souvlaki, ethnic street food, magirefta (slow-cooked traditional food), fish taverns to amazing gourmet options, Athens is the place to eat a lot and to eat well!

In between meals, you can go for a coffee! Greeks have a fantastic coffee culture. Good thing because I love a great cup of coffee.  Cafes are everywhere and when the weather is great, it really is a joy to spend it outside at a scenic café with good company. Get to know the freddo, elliniko, frappe and more…

Visit the National Gardens, Athens and Central Park, NYC

Parks are often a sight to see when exploring a city.  Here’s a comparison of two urban parks I love: the National Gardens and Central Park.

25 Free Things to Do in Athens

From museums, ancient sights to local performances, there are many free things to do in Athens to suit any type of traveler.

Greek Sunday Lunch: Atrium at the Herodion

For a Greek Sunday lunch worth lingering over, head to the Atrium at the Herodion Hotel.

Top 10 Wine Bars in Athens

At the wine bars in Athens, get a taste of one the oldest wine cultures in the world and the capital’s modern yet laid back vibe.

Koursaros Kolonaki: Gourmet Seafood Fusion

Koursaros Kolonaki is a new addition to the continually evolving fine dining scene in Athens. Menus balance sushi and Mediterranean seafood dishes.

Top Non-Smoking Bars in Athens

There may be an official smoking ban, yet non-smoking bars in Athens are hard to find. Here are the exceptions.

POINT a: Gourmet Greek Cuisine with a View

Views of the Acropolis meet gourmet Greek cuisine at POINT a, a rooftop bar and restaurant in the heart of Athens. Here’s more on what makes the experience here unique…

17 Awesome Greek Food Experiences in Athens

There are many awesome Greek food experiences to have in Greece. From slow-baked traditional meals, grilled meat served without plates, strong spirits to exotic desserts — Athens has it all! Check out my list of 17 experiences to plan for…

Bistro Lutetia at Somewhere: Athens Riviera Dining

Offering a classic Athens Riviera dining ambiance, Bistro Lutetia is the culinary charm at Somewhere, the new luxury five-star boutique hotel in the capital.

Top 10 Cocktail Bars in Athens

The top 10 cocktail bars in Athens not only have awesome “concepts,” they’ve also got the best drinks in town. Here’s a list of my top ten…

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