Top Things to Do & See

This section features the top things to do in Athens.

Visiting The Numismatic Museum of Athens

Athens has some magnificent blockbuster museums – the National Archaeological Museum is an absolute must –  but the experience, though gratifying, can be overwhelming in the wealth and the breadth of exhibitions. To get closer to history, a smaller museum can be just the thing. Our best pick for an intimate and rewarding museum experience […]

National Archaeological Museum of Athens Visitors Guide

The National Archaeological Museum of Athens is one of the finest and largest archaeological museums of Greece. Founded at the end of the 19th century its primary role was to house the vast collection of the most important antiquities discovered across Greece, while preserving their historical and cultural value.  The Brief History of the National […]

23 Tourist Attractions in Athens you must not miss

The beautiful capital of Greece, Athens, was the heart of Ancient Greece, the birthplace of philosophy, astronomy, democracy, mathematics, the Olympic Games and the list goes on. Athens was once one of the most powerful empires, which is evident in the landmarks, monuments, and ruins that modern Athens has inherited to this day. The city […]

5 Romantic Ways to Enjoy Athens

The picturesque districts of the center, the marvelous ancient monuments crowning the different historic areas scattered around the city, the liveliness of the streets and the people, the blue and bright sky, the crystal clear waters of the beaches and the shores – all these make Athens a beautiful and unique city.  Although the Greek […]

Best Walking Tours in Athens

The best walking tours in Athens bring out the many “souls” of the Greek capital. There are food, photography, history, street art and nightlife adventures to plan for and much more.

25 Free Things to Do in Athens

From museums, ancient sights to local performances, there are many free things to do in Athens to suit any type of traveler.

Alternative Athens Street Art Tour

The Alternative Athens Street Art Tour gives incredible insight into the Greek capital’s booming identity as a street art mecca in Europe.

Free Museums in Athens

While visiting the Greek capital, you can take time out to visit the free museums in Athens. You can also visit Athens’ best museums during free admission days.

Visit the New National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens

In a soft open, the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens is welcoming visitors while defining its impact on the contemporary art world.

Christmas Holidays in Athens: 12 Things To Do

Planning on spending Christmas holidays in Athens? Here are 12 things to do during your city break to feel the Greek Christmas cheer.

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