One reason I love Athens is that it’s a city of contrasts.  It’s steeped in ancient history with fantastic ancient ruins, yet it is a creative, bustling modern capital that steps to its own beat.  For more than 2,500 years, this European metropolis has grown around its most significant and eternal landmark, the stunning Acropolis.  A must-see if it is your first time in the city.

While you’re here, live like a local and experience Athenian café culture, admire the views from rooftop bars, eat delicious Greek food, dance at traditional music clubs and stroll through historic neighborhoods.  The beach lined Athenian Riviera where the palm tree lined esplanades and open-air nightclubs showcase yet another face to Athenian living.

The Top 10 Most Romantic Hotels in Athens with Acropolis Views

If you fancy the opportunity of heading to Athens for a romantic getaway without any compromise on luxury, comfort, gastronomy, or style, bookings are now open. You can choose from any number of superb romantic hotels in Athens, where rates might include breakfast in bed, high tea, and snacks and drinks to enjoy under the […]

Visiting The Numismatic Museum of Athens

Athens has some magnificent blockbuster museums – the National Archaeological Museum is an absolute must –  but the experience, though gratifying, can be overwhelming in the wealth and the breadth of exhibitions. To get closer to history, a smaller museum can be just the thing. Our best pick for an intimate and rewarding museum experience […]

National Archaeological Museum of Athens Visitors Guide

The National Archaeological Museum of Athens is one of the finest and largest archaeological museums of Greece. Founded at the end of the 19th century its primary role was to house the vast collection of the most important antiquities discovered across Greece, while preserving their historical and cultural value.  The Brief History of the National […]

23 Tourist Attractions in Athens you must not miss

The beautiful capital of Greece, Athens, was the heart of Ancient Greece, the birthplace of philosophy, astronomy, democracy, mathematics, the Olympic Games and the list goes on. Athens was once one of the most powerful empires, which is evident in the landmarks, monuments, and ruins that modern Athens has inherited to this day. The city […]

The Best Day Trips from Athens

Greek history spans over centuries as findings of excavations show that the first settlement in Ancient Greece dates from the Palaeolithic era (11,000-3,000 BC). In the 8th century BC, the civilization of Ancient Greece appeared in the light of world history. Throughout the ages, the Greeks have been building and leaving history behind them in […]

5 Romantic Ways to Enjoy Athens

The picturesque districts of the center, the marvelous ancient monuments crowning the different historic areas scattered around the city, the liveliness of the streets and the people, the blue and bright sky, the crystal clear waters of the beaches and the shores – all these make Athens a beautiful and unique city.  Although the Greek […]

7 Days in Greece: Athens, Mykonos and Santorini for First Timers

It must be ever so exciting to be visiting Greece for the first time. A perennial summer classic, the timelessness of Greece continues to seduce even its nationals who seldom visit any other country during the summer. And why would they, since Greece is the epitome of all things summer, and then some. Countless sandy […]

A Great Day Trip from Athens

If you are looking for a great day trip from Athens you can either take a road trip or hop on a ferry.  Here are my recommendations.

Best Athens Hotels with a View

If you’re looking for an Athens hotel with a view, here’s a list of the best options for any budget.

Visit the National Gardens, Athens and Central Park, NYC

Parks are often a sight to see when exploring a city.  Here’s a comparison of two urban parks I love: the National Gardens and Central Park.

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