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Planning a trip to Greece and don’t know where to start? Maybe you’ve been to Greece and want to come back and want to see more. Love the idea of exploring Europe? Then, you have come to the right place!

That’s how this blog was born. I started it in 2012  as a creative outlet to share travel stories and insights from my perspective as an expat local.  For years, I traveled across Europe which has an amazing tangle of cultures, languages and sights to explore.

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What I Do

I was living in Athens, Greece for almost eight years.  Although I moved back to the United States in 2017, I still consider Athens as my second home. We’ve been through so much!

My work has been published in top travel media including CNN Travel, CNN International, BBC, Lonely Planet, The Telegraph (hotel reviews), Forbes, Fodor’s, Wine Enthusiast and a variety of lifestyle magazines. I am a proud member of the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW), an organization of the most experienced and influential journalists in the travel industry.

As a writer, I focus on two niches which are tech and travel. You can find a portfolio of my work on my website www.marissatejada.com 

Living in Europe also inspired me to write  Chasing Athens, a women’s fiction novel, which was published in 2014 and has been ranked on a few Amazon Best Seller lists.

If you are interested in collaborating with me check out my Work With Me page and/or download the Travel Greece, Travel Europe Media Kit. 

You can also check out my writing portfolio here.

Some other stuff about me —>

I’m a proud New Yorker. I was born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island. A’hem. Strong Island.

I earned a B.A. in journalism from Ithaca College in upstate New York.

I love shih tzus and Persian cats. Automatic smile!

Dark chocolate is my thing.

I am fascinated by European castles. Also, I never met an a Euro cobblestoned old town I didn’t like.

Yes, I speak Greek. Love the language.

One travel goal of mine is to visit all of the countries in Europe.

I’m in love with every Greek beach.

My hobbies include getting outdoors, photography, watching movies, reading novels, going to theater performances,  catching up on the New Yorker (my favorite magazine).

I play the flute and wish I had more time to practice. Once upon a time, I played the organ. If I could learn a third instrument, I’d go for piano.

Writing my second novel is on my big “to do” list.

Yes, I am that television reporter playing myself (I used to work as a TV journalist)  in the best Hollywood Christmas movie ever made: Four Christmases.

A snippet of  my short lived role in Hollywood below. Plays worldwide every holiday season. 😉

Back in the States but Forever in Europe

Where am I now?  I moved back to the U.S. in 2017. I live in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest in Seattle, Washington where I work as a communications professional and content creator. I am still dedicated to keeping up this blog about my travels throughout the world. So stay tuned and subscribe.

I also freelance as a writer for tech companies, travel brands and media outlets.  You can check out my writing and communications project portfolio here.

After my amazing experience living abroad, I must say that traveling Greece and traveling Europe will always be a part of my life.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy reading Travel Greece, Travel Europe.


Note: This blog contains affiliate links, which means I will earn a small commission (to help keep this site going) if you buy products or services with no additional cost to you.


  1. Daisy Rodriguez : May 23, 2012 at 7:25 pm

    Bravo Marissa- absolutely lovely photography. Made me nostalgic for Hydra.

    • thanks daisy mou!:-)

    • Dear Marissa

      Let me begin by complementing you on your blog. I have found it entertaining and informative and will continue to follow it. Whilst looking through it however, I noticed several pictures that are of interest to me and kindly request that you contact me on the email provided, in order to discuss them. I thank you in advance for you response and look forward to visiting your site again in the future.


      Evan Themelakis

  2. Great to see you, fellow freelancer – love the ‘my athens my greece’ line! xx

  3. Loved your blog. İ Will follow…

  4. Your blog is very stimulating. I’m so glad to hear that you’re actually living in Greece. There are a lot more to discover so keep up! 🙂

  5. Welcome to “Swords, Specters, & Stuff,” Marissa. Enjoy Greece; I spent a wonderful few weeks there some years back.

  6. Very beautiful site!

  7. You Blog raises my longing for travel again. i can wait to Hike and travel through Greece soon. Thank you for the inspiration ….

  8. Sounds like a good life. Love Zorba too!

  9. Hi! 🙂 Thank you very much for following my blog! Much appreciated! You have a very nice blog here! Wish you all the best in your future endeavours!


  10. […] mygreecetravels.wordpress.com […]

  11. Very beautiful site!

  12. Thanks very much for the recent visit, follow and comment.

    You’ve got a fascinating blog here, rich with entrancing material.

  13. Nice pictures you have!

  14. What is your novel about?

  15. Hi Wuji! Thanks for following. I wrote a women’s fiction novel which is about an American ex-pat in Greece. It’s Under the Tuscan Sun-meets-Italian for Beginners, my main character is seeking to find herself far from home. Greece itself is a strong character in the book too. It has humor too and gives interesting insight into women’s experiences living abroad. 😀 Hoping to find an agent soon…

  16. enjoying your blog and pictures.

    Cheers Philipp

  17. Hi Marissa,

    My name is KC Owens, I’m a college student and I love to travel! While cruising the Internet, I found your site and really enjoyed reading your posts. I have been to countries all over Europe with just my backpack and a camera. Since I am a college student and I have significant bills, it can be difficult to find ways to travel the world. However, I have done this several times, with less than ten pounds of luggage and while on a college dime!

    I was hoping that you would allow me to write a post for your blog to share my tips and tricks with your readers. I put a lot of time into my traveling, it is my biggest passion and I would love to inspire others by sharing my stories, mistakes and triumphs. I look forward to hearing from you!


    KC Owens

  18. I have always been fascinated by Greece and everything about it – their people and culture. Would love to explore and enjoy your blog.
    Thanks Marissa & I am sure your novel will be very popular 🙂

  19. Thanks Dilip for the kind words! 😀 Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to updates on yours as well.

  20. Beautiful photos. If you don’t mind answering, what is your novel about? Just a curious professor! Nice meeting you!

    • Hi Professor! Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words 🙂 I’m actually at the Romance Writers of America Conference now! I wrote a women’s fiction/contemporary romance novel. Here’s my elevator pitch: In Greece where rich culture and a crippling crisis collide, a heartbroken American expat abruptly decides to stay becoming inspired to confront her disappointing past which forces her to redefine the meaning of home.

  21. Marissa, I hope someday you visit Northern Greece, too and add it on your blog! 😀
    I really enjoyed reading your posts – inspiring and stimulating! I believe that despite of the recession here in Greece, there are people who will still be inspired by its natural and inner beauty.
    Take care and Wishing you the best writing on your novel! 😀

    Kalo Kalokairi!


  22. Hi Marissa,

    sorry if I’m using a comment for this kind of message, but I couldn’t find a contact form or email address in your website :

    My name is Nikolai, i am helping out marketing agency to find travel bloggers suitable for their campaigns, and your blog looks like a perfect fit for what they’re looking for.

    Do you think you could be interested in receiving offers about advertisement on your website?

  23. chiaracondemi : October 21, 2013 at 4:36 pm

    Lovely Blog!

  24. Wow! Glad you found me:) Great blog and passion for this gorgeous country! We`d have a frappe next time I`m in Town 🙂

  25. Outstanding blog.

  26. thank you for following my blog http://YourWellWisherProgram.wordpress.com, it drives me ahead.

  27. Beautiful blog Marissa! I have been thinking to visit Greek next year and your blog will be a wonderful source! Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!

  28. Thank you for visiting and following my blog. Indeed, it seems that we have the same hobby. You have a wonderful blog, thank you for sharing your experience…

  29. How come and you’re based in Athens Greece Marissa..? Are you married to a Greek man? Cause usually that’s the way it happens with most of the foreign people that live here. Your work is fantastic and I would like to wish you best of luck with all upcoming projects of yours!

  30. You speak Greek!! I have been trying to learn the language (let it be known that I have used the word “learn” losely in that sentence) and it’s just too hard to master it! 🙁

    • Hi Noemi, Thanks for stopping by. Ah, well it’s all practice really. Living here for almost seven years I kind of also soaked it in. That helped. It’s hard to speak a second language, I think, unless you are constantly using it or hearing it at least. My other second languages (including Tagalog) are so rusty. Greek has surpassed them all. It is challenging 😉 but fun. Make that Greek Mister of yours speak more to you! 😀

    • Hi Noemi, Thanks for stopping by 😀 Ah, I’ve been here for almost 7 years so that helps… Soak it in by osmosis! It’s hard to speak a language easily if you’re not exposed to it daily, I believe. Greek is now my second language bypassing the others. I use it every day. Get that Greek Mister of yours to speak some ellinika to you 😉

    • How about online Greek lessons? 🙂

  31. Good morning! My name is Chara Yioti and I am contacting you from V+O communication.
    We would like to request for your e-mail address in order to be able to send you event invitations and info on behalf of SETE.
    Could you please provide us with this?
    Thank you in advance

  32. Spiros Zafiris : May 14, 2016 at 7:55 am

    ..congratulations, Marissa.>very interesting..I “favorited”..so I may revisit..I went to the Paros pics right away cause in 1971 I was there for a bit longer than a month..we rented a small white-walled, square home for $17/the month..had a memorable time.>spiros

  33. I purchased your book and love it and I love seeing all your pictures and reading all your articles. I think your an amazing woman 🙂 best luck to you in your life!

  34. Simon A.Rawicz : May 28, 2016 at 9:05 am

    Hi Marissa, great to come across you online!

    I also have been covering Greece from a deeply personal level after sadly being a victim to a corrupt NGO here, I started writing to help expose life moving abroad initially but then ended up in a 8 year heel fighting the authorities, the state and the press who largely tried to cover this up, needless to say my blog then became about survival and I had to do all I could to try and fight back.

    • Hi Simon, Thanks so much for visiting. Yes, I came across your blogs yesterday and so glad to “meet” another expat blogger. Looking forward to seeing more posts from you. I’ll check out the cheeky blog, too! Didn’t see that one… 😀

  35. Great About section, Marissa! I share the love of European castles and Greek beaches (not been to one yet but I can imagine) with you 🙂

  36. Great blog i am greek american myself originally from New Jersey born and raised. Have not been out to Greece in a long time last time i went was almost a decade ago we had to stay at one of the many Hotels in Athens Greecebefore we caught a flight on a small 30-50 passenger plane to Karpathos where my mother’s family is from quite amazing though i have done my share of traveling and the islands are my favorite the people are all greek but all have their own twists to the culture.

    • Hi Nick, Thanks so much for the comments and for stopping by! So cool you’re from Jersey. Neighbors 😉 Sounds like you had some lovely adventures in Greece. I’d love to see Karpathos. Yes, all of the islands are unique and a joy to discover. Hope to hear more of your travel insights here.

  37. Your work is fantastic and I would like to wish you the best – http://www.hotelsofathens.com

  38. Hello Marissa. You are so sweet and so good at what you do! I’ Live in Athens and i am happy for you.I follow you on the Twitter.

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